Showing more entering with the Tribuno label. To show the oldest entrances
Showing more entering with the Tribuno label. To show the oldest entrances

The Museum reopened its doors “Leopoldo Abán?

More of a year it was without the premises and now it works of provisory way in the Achalay hall. It needs an own building.

It was in afternoon of last Tuesday, coincidence with the Day the International of the Museums. And if until the wind it stopped his quick one to trajinar so that the hinges of the old door of the Achalay Hall would yield abrir in favor of the present generations the patrimonial wealth of the Historical Museum Archaeological “Leopoldo Abán?, after a little more an unjust year of and unjustifiable silencing.

The hall container of as much historical and cultural wealth the puneños, scene of the best carnivals of long ago, when as soon as Siberia Argentina was shown to its glad adolescence, is now soothes provisory of the museum that by year 1974 the self-taught person created exactly and native historian, Leopoldo Abán with the name of “Scalabrini Ortiz?, and are located in the street Avellaneda 40, no longer within the historical helmet of the Capital of the Fist as the previous one soothes cultural.

Like by magic art, it arose from the dust mantles covered that it from that one sad 31 with December with 2008, when by decisions until now explained not well, the Museum “Leopoldo Abán? was evacuated of the hall “Felipe Schachner?, with property communitarian but administered by the Prelature with Humahuaca. Since then everything was impotence and frustration in Friendly the contracted feeling of those who integrate the Association of the Mueso that at present presides over Andrea Estefanía Lamas, niece of the deceased historian puneño.

The precarious opening
Passed the 15 of Tuesday last, Andrea Estefanía Lamas, next to his but narrow collaborator, Dominga Sulca, after days of silente work next to a group of voluntary young people who accommodated beside the point fragile display cabinets, pieces and elements of the deep history of these lares, abrieron the doors of the precarious hall to put it at the disposal of students, investigators, tourists and neighbors who wish to hurgar the past in each sample of this center of history and native culture.

Also it commented that “to pay by lease of this hall, in which it goes of the year, thanks to a raffle which we realized, we managed to collect to pay by the months of January, February and part of March, reason why we entered the desperation to look for resources to put us to the day, otherwise we run the risk of a compulsive evacuation. When responding to an precise consultation, the Friendly holder of the Association of the Museum “Leopoldo Abán? said that “although our reality exposed it before the public opinion through different mass media, from the provincial authorities, neither of Tourism nor of Culture, they gave samples of preoccupation by the destiny of our museum, possibly because they do not know his patrimonial wealth in which he does to culture to archeology, to our own history, values that were average by those who visited yes it, originating not only of other Argentine provinces but of the foreigner, often with scientific aims?, it limited.

Only the Friendly psychic force of those who integrate the Association of the Historical Museum Archaeological “Leopoldo Abán?, until now nonexistent sensitivity in the municipal and provincial civil servants, will indicate until when but the important one of the museums of the provincial north struggles in the uncertainty, like now, recostado in the uncertainty of an aged hall uncertain construction, while in the Huancar those two words are made echo exactly: “until when?.

2ª comes Celebration from the Native Culture

Important figures of the popular song will go to the shared in common event.

The Celebration of the Native Culture will have artists of the stature of Red Jorge, the Kjarkas, Sergio Galleguillo, Song 4, Mariana Cayón and Guitarreros, among others. As if this was little, the teacher of ceremony will be the recognized conductor and speaker Juan Alberto Badía. In Santa Victoria This, the outstanding of the Week of May is the accomplishment of the festival that has like creator to the singer Red Jorge. The activities will be realized in the property Erased Mark, of the community the Favor.

Everything will begin next Friday with the opening of the official rock. Saturday the acts in the School 4171 Nº and the inauguration will be made of the health center. Soon it will begin first of the two nights of the Celebration of the Native Culture. Sunday the “Triatlón of Monte? will be carried out. At night the closing of the festival will be realized folkloric.

Monday will have marked of cattle, cuadreras races and Dalmiro Cuéllar will appear.

A tribute to the Bicentennial of the Mother country through the plastic arts

Today, to 20, in the hall of the House of the Culture the sample will be inaugurated “Part of the Mother country?, of salteños artists.

In all the country, and through different artistic expressions the Year of the Bicentennial is being celebrated, and Jumps is not the exception. With regard to the plastic arts, today from the 20, in the hall of the House of the Culture the sample will be inaugurated “Part of the Mother country?, integrated by paintings of teachers of in center Jumps and the installation “and of my chest?, of the plastic artist Susana Rocha,
The 2010 will be a spent year to remember those who part formed and left an ineffaceable track in Argentine history. They say well that It jumps is the “cradle of the folklore?, the Earth where they were born and they soaked of music the great figures of the popular song. But the folklore is not the unique talent that emphasizes to the salteños all over the country, the same happens to the theater, the dance and the art. “Part of the Mother country? is a realized sample exactly to homenajear to those plastic artists who left an extensive one and interesting pictorial work legacy that does not do more than to confirm than our province is also “cradle of artists?.

The same is integrated by creations of Jorge Hugo Roman, Luis Pretti, Ramiro Dávalos, Mariano Coll, José Castro, Guillermo Usandivaras, Neri Cambronero, Juan Javier Pautassi, Ernesto Scotti and Alexander Ache, personages of the Bohemian salteña who not only had sensitivity to shape on the linen cloth their own interpretation on the reality, but also knew to share their knowledge and experiences with the art through teaching.
“The culture had much to do in the development of the society. Within the cultural expressions people who made a great contribution to the constitution of the society, through the plastic arts existed. He is why I decided to arm a sample pictorial that he serves to render tribute to him to those great teachers of the art of the province?, detailed the organizer of “Part of the Mother country?, the cultural manager Javier Farfán.

Paintings never before seen

In order to arm the sample, Farfán crossed diverse deprived collections, took contact with some proprietors and it even spoke with relatives of the homenajeados artists, who facilitated unit to him in perfect state of conservation.

“He was pleasing to have been in contact with people like professor Fulvia Lisi, Fernando Saravia Toledo, Rogelio Saravia Toledo, Carmen Coll, Virginia Suarez, Lucia Chagra, Topeto the Diaz, Guillermo Schawrcz, Yolanda Pretti, Isidoro Zang, Juan Astudillo, who amiably yielded works for their exhibition?, she emphasized Farfán, that in addition she advanced that a total of 20 pictures will be exhibited, that represent the figurative style with which they were conceived by his creators.
With respect to the reason took that to reunite it these works, Farfán explained that “the main idea is to present works that were not exhibited before, that is to say that went directly to the proprietor without having been in a museum or gallery of art. I thought that he was interesting to observe a work of José Castro or Neri Cambronero who has not known themselves directly. The fundamental thing is to set out of the artist its fundamental characteristic in its painting?.

The important thing of this type of initiatives, besides adding itself to the celebrations by the Year of the Bicentennial, is to remember those great teachers who with their contribution gave value him to the art of our means in all expressions. “This type of exhibitions makes us remember how it arose and it matured the art in our province. As they say, we do not have to forget from where our culture comes and to see where it goes?, emphasized Farfán, who in addition I observe that the sample is called “Part of the Mother country? because the art always comprises of Argentine history.

Concert of piano and violin in Miter Theater

Two Eastern artists will delight to the public jujeño with their special repertoire organized by the filial Mozarteum Jujuy.

Tonight the concert of the native pianist of Taiwan, Moli Chiang will appear to 22 and the Chinese violinista, Qian Zhou in the greater room of the Miter Theater.

The two artists who own a remarkable musical trajectory will visit our province to delight to us with their art.

The pianist Moli Chiang was born in Taiwan and Argentine is naturalized. It received his musical and pianística formation in Buenos Aires, withdrawing of the National Conservatory of Music “Carlos Lopez Buchardo? like professor superior.

It worked with distinguished masterful, among them, Leon Fleisher, Ellen Mack, Enrique Graf and Yoheved Kaplinsky and gained different international contests.

On the other hand, the violinista Qian Zhou received his first musical formation in the Conservatory of Shanghai.

In 1985, it traveled to the United States where it completed his studies with Berl Senofsky in the Peabody Conservatory.

At the age of 18 Long-Jacques Thibaud in Paris appeared in the world of music with a shining triumph in the Marguerite Competition.

Qian Zhou has been in the first rank of the international violinistas of its generation. Frequently it acts in recitales and like soloist with orchestra in Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa. Past commitments include concerts with different orchestras from world-wide prestige in Europe, China, Japan and the United States, among others. Their activities gained the approval of the international critic, reason why it has numerous national and international prizes; also it is important to honor that it recorded several CD " s and it touches in 1757 a Guadagnini violin, in loan of the gentleman and Mrs. Rhine Kei Mei.

“Kolla Bicentennial? in the Miter Theater

Mónica Pantoja, Micaela Chauque and Rogelio You will back water will present/display a spectacle without east precedent 22 Wednesday to hs.

Mónica Pantoja, Rogelio Ciares and Micaela Chauque will be the referring artists of our province who will be united to remember the history of our town in relation to the bicentennial revolution.

To the great voice of “zagala of Humahuaca? tilcareño through the instrumentalist Micaela Chauque will be added in the sound of the wind and the essence of huancares of Abra Pampas will move to valleys next to “runa pacha?, Rogelio You will back water.

This way, the history of our mother country will be sung by referring own of our earth, but also counted by the historian and professor humahuaqueño Enrique Cross will explain how kolla took part the town, in the revolutionary deed, within the framework of char it pleasant.

This encounter between the art and history, without doubts, will reflect a deep glance same, contemplating what we were, which we are and what we must be in projection to future.
The entrances on sale are in the coliseo jujeño.

The “Chaqueño? abre the new edition of the festival “Carrileñazo?

The Tekis, Mariana Cayón and Guitarreros will be also in the billboard of tonight, that will begin to 21.

With the awaited action of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino the Carrileñazo will be developed to the inaugural evening of the tenth first edition of the festival today folkloric “?, that will carry out in the Sport Club the Track. The beginning is predicted for the 21.

The group jujeño the Tekis will be present also with their musical proposal. The artistic billboard will be completed with: Guitarreros, Mariana Cayón, academy of dances “the Baguala?, ballet “Shaking local handkerchiefs? and artists.

Tomorrow it will be the turn of Abel Pinto, Sergio Galleguillo, Aryan Nacho and Daniel (ex- Guaraníes), Paola, ballet “Gauchas Roots? and the school of dances “Walter Vilca?.

The “Chaqueño? will raise the scene between 1,30 and 2 in the morning, while the appearance of the Tekis will take place near the midnight.

Palavecino is an ambassador of the Argentine folklore in the world and in each of his presentations it reunites to thousands of supporters. It was dedicated to music from boy.

After his work like member of groups folkloric, Oscar Palavecino, as it is his true name, sent his race like soloist. A way that was in constant ascent, numerous discs in its salary and several tours by all the Argentina. Its music counts on the particularitity of not only arriving at the countryside from its country but also at the great cities. The theater Great Rex and until the Luna Park, in Buenos Aires, has been some of the scenes that testify year to year their talent.

Subjects like “the law and the trap?, “Wild Love? or “When my Guitar Cries? sound in several Latin American radial transmitters. Bolivia is one of the countries where its success is full from its beginnings like artist. Palavecino causes that the folklore leaves differences back sociocultural and arrives at the different layers from a same continent.

On the other hand, the Tekis will arrive their contagious repertoire yet at the locality from the Track. The set jujeño is integrated by: Sebastián Lopez, Juanjo Pestoni, Mauro Coletti, Pipo Valdez, Walter Sader and Pucho Ponce. Their rates concentrate in the music of the Argentine northwest and Bolivia, as they are it the carnavalitos, bailecitos and huaynos, using native instruments like sikus, zampoñas, quenas and charangos.

In the estate the premises of regional food and crafts will settle. The entrances have a cost of: popular $25, you silverplate $45, preferential $55, jineteada $20.

DNA in the National Festival of Gay Theater

The encounter will be realized from morning in the city of San Miguel de Tucuman.

The encounter is organized by Observatory LGBT Tucuman, Crisálida Popular Library of Sort, sexual affective Diversity, the group the Vortex, theater room glorious and the Black Butterflies. In addition it counts on the auspice of the Secretariat of Human rights of the Ministry of Justice, Security and Human rights of the Nation.

This first national festival of theater with thematic on rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgéneros, travestis and transsexuals (LGBT) looks for to promote the human rights with emphasis in sexual the affective diversity and the identity of sort. Also it tries to homenajear to Carlos Jáuregui, recognized activist by rights LGBT.

DNA created and directed by Sergio Diaz Fernandez and Thorny Charlee, in his spectacles it promotes the nondiscrimination, the reflection and taking of brings back to consciousness on the sexual diversity. “Being in Jujuy referring of theater gay, the group was selected to participate with the hysterical ones we are the maximum?, emphasized. At the same time they needed that the list is integrated by Mariela Chavez, Pamela Side, Cecilia Lamas and Charlee Pink.

In the festival to groups and lists of Catamarca participate, Buenos Aires, Cordova and Santiago of the Matting.

Ariel Cross today presents/displays “Footpaths of my soul?

This musical spectacle will be carried out of the Supervisory Celebration within the framework and will be free and gratuitous for all the community.

Tonight, to 20,30, the Ariel soloist Cross will present/display its first record material titled “Footpaths of my soul? in the place “San Farm Isidro? of Monterrico.

In the occasion the artist will exhibit the video for the first time paper clip of “Zamba to Monterrico?, musical subject of own responsibility that she will project by means of a located giant screen in the mentioned space.

“I have many expectations. In the accomplishment own images of the town will be able to be observed, of people, the tobacco activities that are realized in Monterrico. Town is a tribute? expressed Ariel Cross that soon assured that this encounter was declared of Municipal Interest.

Ramon “Kiko? Núñes is recognized producing of videos clips of great interpreters of the national folklore like Red Jorge and the Huayra and to that Cross was thankful to be part of this project.

In the opportunity, also there will be a recital in which he will present/display the compositions of his first album that he has, among others, the farmers “For changada? and “the steering wheel?; zambas “Zamba to Monterrico? and “Zamba for rural “Working? Fabi? and the song; all of own responsibility.

However, this CD also has the contribution of Ariel Alcobedo with two titled huaynos “is giving returned? and “It follows the celebration?.

They will accompany the singer Fabricio Villanueva (under), Fabian Núñez (battery), Diego Coins (piano) and Pablo Calisaya (charango), musicians who integrate their band.

In addition, the dance will be present with different ballets folkloric from Monterrico and the musical support of the Crossroads, an invited local band.

In order to finalize the day, the artists will meet on the scene and to sing together for the public present.

In reference to his beginnings, the composer expressed that ten years ago he began next to Ariel Alcobedo.

“He gave a very great hand Me in this material ´Senderos of my soul?. With him we crossed very many provincial and national scenes running into with great artists and taking our vallista music to us by all sides. These crossed ways and the experiences of the same fed my desire to compose and to sing town to him? explained.

Abel Pinto in the Mega Rock of the Bicentennial

Next to him outstanding artists of Jujuy appear: You take Lipán, the Copleros, the Diableros, the Quebradeños and the Sung one.

With the stellar presence of Abel Pinto, youthful the folkloric artist with greater call in the country, will take place the next Friday 14 of May “the Mega Rock of the Bicentennial? in the cultural complex the Old Station of this one city.

The festival will reunite in addition to the most representative artists of the folklore jujeño, between whom we can emphasize, to the voice of Purmamarca, Lipan Takings, that a spectacle of first level will offer as it has to us customary to vivenciar.

Also the presence of the Copleros stands out, folkloric set that recently returned of a tour by earth mendocinas, representing Jujuy in the Festival of the Grape harvest.

They will be also on the scene of the Old Station, the Diableros, youthful group with excellent projection in the folklore jujeño and connoisseur of great scenes within the provincial festivalera moved one.

In as much the Quebradeños they will arrive from Maimará with its outstanding rate. We remember that the group was revelation of the carnival maimareño and has been ovacionado in the carnavalera rock of the Tekis, in Tilcara and other scenes of the province like thus also of Salta and Tucuman.

The pair jujeño integrated by the Néstor brothers and Oscar González, the Sung one, also will be part of the Mega Rock of next the 14 of May.

The entrances anticipated for this spectacle will be put on sale today in the evening in the Pedestrian Belgrano

Cibrián brings stories of the Far East to Oran

This free version of the recognized director and actor in the heat of is tour by the rear area.

Tonight, from the 22, in the House of the Culture of Oran, the musical comedy will raise scene “thousands and the one nights?, of Pepe Cibrián and Angel Mahler. Tomorrow one will appear in Jujuy and, finally, Thursday 13 and Fridays 14, it will arrive at the capital of our province. The appointment will be, both days, from the 22, in the Theater of the Orchard (Pueyrredón 175).

This particular version on the Arab story compilation of the medieval Middle East has some variants of the original one. In the work directed by Cibrián, sultán of Turkey, Solimán (Juan Rolled), is not the ruthless villain. Feyza (Claudia Lapacó), its possessive mother, is the one who kills the women of her son not to lose her place in the palace. Nevertheless, Elena (Georgina Frere), with its innocence, purity and stories will manage to change the life of the governing condemned. One is more than twenty artists in scene who give life to stories.

“The production equipment is Really remarkable that endorses this work. Cibrián is a pioneer in the task of taking so great spectacles to different scenes. Some years ago it was impossible to think about that a scenic putting of this level could take to Oran, for example, by the effort that meant it production to transfer the stage scenes and the equipment?, said Guillermo Clasadonte, theater poductor of our province.

She will be this one, then, a great opportunity to enjoy one of the most recognized theater spectacles of the national billboard.

He returns to scene “the dwarfed king?

Tania Quipildor, Vanesa Vásquez and Mariela Chávez will act in the occasion.

This behind schedule, to 17, a new function of the piece will be realized “the dwarfed king? in the Theater of the Return of the Century.

The work counts the history of a young malcriado and authoritarian king who continuously demands to his servants new stories. Roberto and Antonín, afraid poets of the kingdom to lose the head, with the aid of Emiliana, will amuse to the monarch having invented a history.

The entrances will have a cost of 12 pesos for majors and 10 pesos for children.

“5 xs one = all? celebrate seven years in the coliseo jujeño

He is the unipersonal one that Sergio Etcheverry will represent 22 in the room tonight “Martin Raul Gallant?.

A succession of as dissimilar personages as its histories, where the solitude, the abandonment, the principle and the end of all, are mixed to allow the spectator to think and to see itself reflected in the same, will be able to be observed through the piece that this year celebrates seven years of permanence in poster.

Ingenious, creative, ductile and funny, the actor will be able to laugh and to make laugh without rather appealing to preconceived formulas, but, with a little common freshness that he enchants and he comforts.

Sergio Etcheverry, who will be the one in charge to shape five histories in the scene, as much has an ample trajectory in theater and television like also recent work in cinema by the film “the man that I arrive at a town? from Miguel Pereira Angel.

Their last works were in the election of National Reina of Students 2009, where it personified to the “Winter? and in the successful theater work “Waiting for the Float?, where it interpreted to Antonio.
Then, it realized numerous presentations next to the piece that outside taken to the National Theater Cervantes in Buenos Aires and the House of the Culture of Jumps.

After crossing our province, It jumps, Tucuman, Catamarca, Santiago of the Matting, black River, Formosa, Buenos Aires and Asuncio'n of Paraguay and Paraguay, Sergio Etcheverry it will return to the local scene to put in scene the successful piece awarded with Federal Prize IFC and view by more than 7,000 spectators.

Inheritance presents/displays new CD

“Where they are the single women? it is the name that the feminine group has chosen for his third material.

The Group Inheritance will present/display in the theater Miter, this Tuesday, from the 21, his third record material called “Where they are the single women?, which is made up of 14 subjects.

In the new work of the feminine group are rates of tynku, saya, huayno, and bailecitos among others, also includes subjects of authors jujeño like Nando Diaz and Noelia Chacana, among others.

Inheritance in addition will count on the participation of pairs of dance, Brave, vocalista Angel of the group Coroico, and Gustavo Cross, professional guitarist.

The members of Inheritance are: Noelia Chacana in winds, Natalia Go'mez in first low voice and, Carolina Escobar voice, Gisela Vantage point in charango, Roxana Shock in percussion, Gabriela Go'mez in guitar and choir.

Carolina Escobar, one of its members, generally invited the public upon presentment of the CD, to share warm a veiled one next to us who we have many expectations with this new work ".

Recently Inheritance appeared in different scenes from Buenos Aires, like in the Salteñas Carps and rock the Cumpas, and in the month of August it will be in Cordova and the south of Argentina.

The theater salteño bankruptcy the routine of the districts of our city

The Traveling MetaTeatro is formed by a group of workers of the tables of our means.

The emotions, histories, the tangles and the magic of the theater left to cross the city. Who said that to see a work the public had to move to a conventional room? According to the group of actors of MetaTeatro that one is not an excluding slogan. For that reason, they cheer up to take by the districts its proposals and to approach much people the possibility of being contributor of a different spectacle. The 26 of April began the route, that is date of conclusion in order day old.

The MetaTeatro group is integrated by Ana Barreto, Andrea Garci'a, Daniel Chacón, Elsa Mamaní, Liliana Castro, Luciana Rajal, Pablo Dragone and many collaborators. One is a group of management conformed by workers of the theater of Jumps, who join themselves from October of 2008 to discuss and to plan questions of the theater task.

By action of MetaTeatro many projects saw the light, among them the First MetaTeatro Festival, realized in August of 2009 in centric rooms of the city of Jumps.

“Soon the necessity arose to go by the districts to act in spaces public. We became echo of the order of people and also it was our desire to approach theater works people who habitually do not have the possibility of concurring to the rooms. This way it is caused that more people can know and enjoy the local spectacles?, explained Pablo Dragone in dialog with the Tribuno.

It is the first time that is carried out Traveling the MetaTeatro festival “the theater salteño crosses the districts of Jumps?. In order to develop the project, the members of the group made managements before the Municipality of Jumps. Initially the previous group to offer four monthly functions by the different districts from the city, until year end. “We hoped that the project grows with the support of the community. Our interest is to create theater spaces and to train the public who attends?, expressed Dragone.

More than twenty lists

Different theater lists have been added to the initiative. They are twenty people pertaining to six groups of independent theater of the province: The sardinera of the north, the coffer, Net Weight theater, the sweet moon, Insignes cotudos and On the verge of being fish.

The proposal is “for all the tastes?. Those that will walk by the districts they are more than ten works than treat subjects thought for children and adults. They are comedies and dramas in theater of puppets and theater of actors who, until year end, will cross the scenes mounted in different points from the city.

“It seems to Us that most important it is than through this project is democratising the culture. We are conscious that for different reasons the public does not arrive at the theater room. Many of the adult spectators commented to us that it is the first time who attend to see a play?, said Pablo Dragone. And it added: “The ignorance of the theater does not respond only to reasons economic, but also cultural, and in this sense it is exposed the lack of policies. On the other hand, the project aims to wake up in the public brings back to consciousness of which all we must right to accede to produced the cultural and artistic goods in our means, besides that come from other places?.

The works that already raised scene are “Oniria?, in City of the Miracle; “Asulunala?, in the Tribuno; “Brave until the teeth?, in 20 of February and “Red Gorrita?, in Villa Floresta.

“We are surprised by the answer of the public, we have presented/displayed five functions from April with a great concurrence. This takes to us to reflect on the importance of our activity and the contribution to our culture. The theater allows to observe other expressions and to discover the own potentialities offering the possibility of personal, cultural, spiritual and social growth. It is a form of communication of the human being. It returns to unite the dispersed society, to unite it in a communitarian fact?, defined Dragone.

The May billboard

The group Goal Theater promises to continue taking its art to whichever place is possible to him to arrive. “Some neighbors find out the festival and they ask to us that we include its district as soothes. Our idea is that the theater crosses all the spaces of our city?, concluded Pablo Dragone. The program of presentations anticipated for the course of the month is the following one:

The theater piece “a day I went away…?, will raise scene Wednesday 12 of May, from the 11, in center Infantile “Color of the Hope? (Xamena and Echeverria, district South Bulogne Mer). In charge of the group On the verge of to be fish, integrated by the titiriteras Elsa Mamaní and Andrea Garci'a.

“Oniria? will appear Saturday 15 of May, to 11, in the factory of the Technical School Nº 1 (district San Cayetano), in charge of the list Net Weight Theater, with the activities of Daniel Chacón, Pablo Dragone and Marcelo Cioffi.

On the other hand, “the Misunderstanding? will recover Sunday 23 of May, to 21, in the library Juan Carlos Dávalos (10 of October 551, Villa Chartas), in charge of the Sardinera of the North. They act: Ana Barreto, Cecilia Sutti, Julieta Cordova, Juan Carrega Cross and Daniel Chacón.

“Gallic of the Folklore of She jumps?

The evening by the Bicentennial of the Revolution of May, will be carried out today, to 22, in the Provincial Theater.

With the action of outstanding artists of national music, it will be carried out today, in the Provincial Theater of Jumps - Zuviría 70 - the “Finery of the Folklore of Jumps for the Bicentennial?. Recognized the folclorista Melania Perez, and the lyrical Fernando Chalabe, will be main the protagonists of the attractive one guarded. The spectacle will begin to 22 and counts on the auspice of the Secretariat of Culture of the Province and it will be realized on the occasion of the Bicentennial of the Revolution of May.
For the opportunity, a spectacle with two remarkable figures of the Argentine song book mounted, that evolve in different musical sorts. Melania, with his expanded and successful race, gained a place of privilege within the folklore. In as much, Chalabe, that also began in the popular song book for many years, penetrates in lyrical music, with base in the Theater Columbus, of Buenos Aires.

Melania was integral of the famous grouping the White Voices. Soon Cow formed by some decades the pair Inheritance next to “Icho?. One is been in Buenos Aires and thence it distributes his song to the rest of the country. Its spectacle was ovacionado during the last edition of the Greater Festival of Cosquín.

On the other hand, Chalabe began his first passages in the capital salteña, where it presented/displayed a repertoire net folkloric. The volume of its voice allowed him to watch other horizons, and when they seted out it did not doubt in unfolding his talent in the lyrical song.

Also, the Ballet of Dances Folkloric the North South will contribute the traditional dances to tonight of native celebration. The musical direction will be in charge of the musician Julio Reynaga.
The entrance is free and gratuitous, without location and by order of arrival. The access will be qualified from 21.30.

The Huayra astonishes by their great call

The group will appear in the Theater of the Orchard 8 Thursday 6, Fridays 7, Saturday and Sunday 9 of May, from the 21.30.

Some years ago, the Huayra had the opportunity to appear in the outside. Thus, the folcloristas realized diverse activities in Canada.

The enormous call of the Huayra already was reflected in the ticket office of the Theater of the Orchard. In principle, the set salteño was going to offer two recitales - Thursday 6 and Fridays 7 of May, but the great demand of entrances reflected days in the last forced the organization to add two new functions - 8 Saturday and Sunday 9.

Already a time ago the local public adopted to this group salteño, something that is demonstrated in each one of the presentations that the set realizes in the capital city.

The Huayra will take advantage of the occasion to present/display the last disc, “mud Code?. The set will offer its landscaping folklore of a musical production of independent origin that synthesizes two years of elaboration.
The group is made up of Sebastián Giménez, Juan Sources, Luis Benavídez and the “Colo? Vasconcellos. Also they integrate Alvaro Plaza and Hernando Mónico.

The Huayra began their race in October of 1995, when they cantanban in festivales, cantatas and rocks of Jump, Jujuy, Tucuman, Catamarca and other provinces.

In 2005, they sent his first homonymous disc, made up of five own songs that satisfy the variable tastes more, more subjects of Horacio Guarany, Carlos Gardel and Fito Páez. In December of 2006 they signed contract with the seal EMI, that reedited its first disc and prepared the land for its second work, “the voice of the wind?.

Alicia Faltraco, one more a more mature work

The freedom, between the will of the figure and the tyranny of La Mancha. The artist will exhibit his works in Jumps.

Atelier of Alicia Faltraco is in the band of the city of Humahuaca, a paradise quebradeño that, like the one of Eva, went colonizing. For that reason there is lost no his enchantment. That way they lower who arrive walking from ways that are lost by valleys. To the bottom, the White Rock keeps the rest from an ancestral population. On one of its skirts: the image of the Virgin Maria. That farmer who lowers and the antigal covered by the mariana skirt, is a good summary of the world that Faltraco tries to desocultar by means of its creative work.

We visited it by the sample that, from this Tuesday 4, it will inaugurate in the Museum of Archeology of High Mountain, in front of the place of the city of Jumps, where the Children of Llullaillaco sleep a dream testified by thousands of visitors. She is one of the so many lines that intercross. Another one journeys the one of an European art that went extending on the centuries of American mestization and aspires, perhaps, to be fused with the objects that represent in our earth.

Faltraco has looked for that dialog, that it justifies the one of this note, from the figuration that demanded a commitment hurt of injustices, until the moment at which it beams forms to express the complexity of the Andean man, resorting to the complicity of the spots in the fabric and with the imagination accomplice of the observer. Thus it was composing a superposed world of layers that act like perspective, complementing it, but also they add dimensions that express contradictory and the rich thing of the life.

It tells us that it chose to expose now in Jumps “because it has one moved cultural very interesting one, invests money in culture much more and for that reason there are different spaces. That is an incentive to continue producing.? But to look for a new public does not influence in the selection of the works that presents/displays, because “my way within the plastic one I have already it chosen. My idea of a sample is that they know me better with one more a more mature work.?

It reflects that “I do not know if an art work thinks, in any case not at the moment at you are painting which it. Before tenés that to think, to digest it, but instead of by the alimentary canal leaves by the hand. Before it was a too figurative work and I do not want that now it is it as much. It is more time to paint, also, and that gives another experience me. One same one is changing.?

“The opinion of certain people matters to me?, says to us, “and Jujuy has very good plastics. I speak with them and many of to its I listen to them opinions I consider and them. Are people that even makes art, that has a plastic eye, when have given me with an axe. All we would want to be great artists, nobody wants to be mediocre, the subject is that to arrive at that, the way is personal.?

Speaking of its place within the Andean art, it says to us that “for twenty-three years alive in Humahuaca because interests the native culture to me, and within the native thing I have been living in an Andean zone. The same trowel of the landscapes of has here to do with my form, nonuse Caribbean strident colors, I have a trowel that is conjugated with the landscape. I look for that human figure with its characteristics, its gestures, its form to load the things, and those things are to me very interesting.?

“The sense whereupon pinto it, hopefully are more universal, a sense that extends the localismo. That I feel with poetries of the Churqui Choquevilca, that stops being localista when it says its images. I believe that I must make a exhibition based on its poetries, because it says images and until it is saying the colors to me. I use much blue and names he it in every short while.?

QV4 explores the new dimensions of humor

The trio is made up of the artists Daniel Saldaño, Agustín Perez Albert and Gustavo Parrado.

Almost ten years of race in humor and music have taken to the trio to reap the outbursts of laughter that cannot more than to fill the rooms of each theater by which, the artists, they take his desopilantes numbers.

Once again QV4 arrives at our province, within the framework of a national tour, with the promise of being funniest of their spectacles.

“QV4, the new dimension of the diversion?, arrive at Jumps with a format without precedents in Argentina. One is a show that combines music, humor and technology, with projections in three dimensions that will introduce the spectator in the reality created by these three graceful artists. The encounter will be tonight, to 21, in the Theater of the Orchard (Pueyrredón 175).

“The spectacle is going to be impressive, it is going away to mount in Jumps with all the technical characteristics that had in Villa Carlos Peace and that, the 15 of May we will take to the theater Opera of Buenos Aires, that will be the great bet of this year?, said to Agustín Perez Albert, in an interview that the trio gave the Tribuno.

The beginnings of the group go back to the 2001, when the three versatile artists of music, decided to work in a new project, being introduced segments of humor, something to which they were ventured for the first time. “Humor already was implicit in the personalities of each of us?, said Gustavo Parrado. Perez Albert added: “in fact I believe that people were the one that discovered to us like humorists. The public vió that was good wave and soon we began to work with this to make laugh?. Doubtlessly, neither the group, nor the spectators were mistaken, because today, after almost one decade of work together they have received very good critics and they have grown much. “We grew, and not only it tenth we, luckily also us say people to it?, commented Daniel Saldaño, of the form that knows better, with humor.

The musicians confront each number with much seriousness. Humor is something serious, like also is it its passion by the music, to which, altogether with the work of much people, like Pablo Of the Field, they put to the show those condiments to him that end at the uncontrollable laughter.

The show continues the line that QV4 (abbreviation of “I want bond four?) was developing throughout almost ten years of race. “Much music through humor, much humor through music and the new effects that the technology contributes?, said Parrado. In addition, a virtual marionette, directed by the Cordovan artist Adrián is added Go'mez who is called “René Garé? and that contributes (still more) diversion to him to the group. It is a spectacle that will offer to a very ample fan of personages and desopilantes histories.

“For us it is very important to make humor for all the family. It gives much satisfaction us when, for example, we on a par see a boy of five years ***reflxing mng itself of its grandfathers, of 80. The objective is to include all the “edaderiles? layers, said - between laughter Gustavo Parrado.
Tonight, the artists renew their complicity with the public of our province, that she will not have more to do than to put the “spectacles 3D? and to lie down to laugh.

“A called town Jujuy? in stops of the Miter

The theater piece of the Pink Theater will see in the cycle “Our Theater?.

Tonight to 21 the piece will appear “a called town Jujuy? of the Pink Theater in the stops of the Miter Theater.

Under the popular humorous sort the released theater production in 2003 will recreate that is directed by Roman Germa'n.

The work, that was created by Alberto Alabí, Felix Maldonado and Héctor Tizón, emphasizes those experiences of which nobody speech, those that they are hidden, those of the return of the corner.

A town has great and small histories. The citizen memory always longs for the heroic actions, but daily we lived surrounded by minimum histories that give popular identity us.

This work will be exhibited for the community generally by means of the work of the list of the Pink Theater, a group of artists who is born in Jujuy in the direction of an objective: to do theater considering the context that surrounds to us as jujeños and modifies to us.

Like premise to follow, the members of the artistic group that has been 10 years of permanence in the local scene, seted out to develop theater projects with the certainty to reflect some of the numerous plagues which they advance, destroying the man.

The company jujeña will within the framework participate in this cultural activity that will take place all the Fridays to 21, of the cycle “Our Theater? in the room “Martin Raul Gallant?, by reason for the Bicentennial of the Mother country. The Direction of the Miter Theater and the Secretariat of Tourism and Culture altogether organized this cultural activity that has the objective to foment and to spread the local productions and is especially oriented the students of all the educative levels.

History, experiences and memories of the Fist

Presentation of the book “the flowery Old Quiaca? of Don Justo Diaz.

The Right author Diaz, quiaqueño of origin, in this opportunity presents/displays the second edition of his book “the flowery Old Quiaca?, history of the Fist, experiences and memories.

It is one more a more complete work and a Annex of the first edition.
Diaz emphasizes that to the first she realized it edition in the 2008 and when happening the time felt the necessity to complete the history of the Fist with more stories.

In the opportunity the author will present why from silence she felt the necessity to count the history of the Quiaca, the Fist where the Independence of the Mother country was developed.

To this he took it work to compile and to study near six years and in addition for being witness to the development puneño, also of the injustices and his tenacity to relate the history of his town.

The book includes histories like the first chapel of the Old Quiaca, the Exodus Jujeño, the customs, the culture, the mining in Argentina and Bolivia, the railroad: the first train to the Quiaca, pack animal roads, their family, songs, among others subjects illustrated with old photos.

It relates that the Old Quiaca has a history very little counted; as well as the first establishment that was Yavi where the independence of the country was developed and in this 2010 the value of those men is not clear who gave their life by the Nation and today he has them to history forgotten.

“If God wants this work will be for always. I hope serves for consultation of the future generations since the unique way is to respect our principles, knowledge of where we come and to take care of ours?, expressed the author.

This book also will appear in the new edition of the Fair of Libro, representing the province among others books that will be exposed in the literary sample.
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