Showing more entering with the Tribuno label. To show the oldest entrances
Showing more entering with the Tribuno label. To show the oldest entrances

The Encounter comes III from Inclusive Dance in Jujuy

This activity, that counts on the coordination of Cecilia Ortega and Olga Chiabrando, will be carried out in two spaces.

9 and 10 of July in the schedule from 10 to 13 the Encounter of Inclusive Dance will be realized III in Jujuy, in the Spanish Society located in Senator Perez Belgrano corner.

In the occasion, the students and people with incapacities motorboats and interested in undergoing this discipline will be able to construct a “common earth?, cradle in the communication, confidence in the group, listens, the movement from the potentialities of the group, the attention to the sensation, the contact with the other, the Earth and the space, to give and to receive weight and structures of improvisation.

Another activity that will be realized within the framework of the encounter will be the denominated course “the Authentic Movement like recreational practice?, that will be place the same, from 15 to 19,30 in the School Superior of Dances “Fontenla Norm? of Madrid 438.

From listening and not to say to him to the body what must do, the movement arises from a different root, the individual will less undergo new expressions, that will make possible the opening and communication of new forms, more original and stereotyped.

As it forms creative, Authentic Movement will facilitate the connection with the capacity to create inherent to the nature.

The educational ones that will be in charge of this activity will be Sandra Martinez (Rosary), certified in DanceAbility Teacher Training (Eugene, Oregon; The United States). In addition, it organized and it participated in different Workshop de DanceAbility with Alito Alessi.

She is professor of Yoga, instructor of Therapeutic Esferodinamia (Research center and Corporal Study of Techniques and Languages in Buenos Aires), Popular Educator (Popular University “Mothers of Place of May?), Psicodramatista (School Port Rosary, Society Argentina de Psicodra-ma), instructor of the Pilates Method (Mat Work) and at the moment attends the third year of the race of Eutonia, in the Latin American Association of Eutonia.

Also he is educational of corporal techniques such as Pilates, Esferodinamia, Contact Improvisation, DanceAbility, Authentic Movement.

It is Popular and alfabetizadora Educator of adults, since it dictates to classes in the Gabriela Study Morals and in the Study of Art and Movement of It devours Abecasis, both of Rosary province of Santa Fe; and Lozano participates in the educational equipment of the Formation of Esferodinamia for the Position with professor Anabella.

By information and inscription, the interested ones will be able to communicate to 0388-4315114

And now what, papa? , theater in Liberator

The piece will imagine in the hall the parish “Sacred Heart of Jesus?.

The piece “And now what, papa? of Abel Bust Sacred Heart of Jesus? of General Liberator will be represented 22 in the hall the parish tonight “San Martin, Ledesma department.
Professor Red Alvaro will put in scene this new play that will approach in its argument the diverse conflicts that can take place within a coexistence in familiar surroundings that will be let make drowsy and seduce by the routine and the daily custom.

In the artistic production she will prevail the absence of dialogs and the escape of the reality, reason why the protagonists will prefer to take refuge in a world of fantasy or the memories of a childhood in which sometimes they were happy.

The work will be carried out by Brenda actors Castle, Arming Sotelo and Ariel Farfán, whereas Silvia Go'mez is in charge of maquillajes, the technique under the responsibility of Martin Tuma and all the production will be developed with the direction of professor Red Alvaro.

Also, the ledesmense community is invited to participate in the function that will have like wire the silencios and different daily situations.

This cultural activity is organized by the youthful group of the parish “Sacred Heart of Jesus? and the cost of the entrances paid attention to 6 pesos, for the spectators interested in being present at the putting.

Artists reflect on the present of the planet

Today, to 20, in the MAC the sample will be inaugurated “the art indicates?, with best works of the Biennial of the End of the World.

The Biennial of the End of the World must like objective generate a reflection on the different contemporary manifestations.

Within the framework of the Central Program of the Commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Revolution of May, today to 20 in the Museum of Contemporary Art the art will be qualified the sample “indicates?, in which they will be able to appreciate some of best works than they participated in two editions of the Biennial of the End of the World. With curaduría of Fernando Farina, the sample proposes within the framework to approach different problematic aspects from present of the ecological, social and political changes that are lived in the world.

The exhibition, summoned by the Presidency of the Nation, will within the framework cross for more than a year the most important museums of the country of the Central Program of the Commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Revolution of May.

Biennial of Aim of World, that it has as the city of Ushuaia soothes central, is not only an event biennial, but it is a continuous process of action, whose objective is the one to generate, through art, a reflection space on the different manifestations from the contemporaneidad. Its vision of the concept of “aim of the world? is regional, including the South cone of the American continent. The first edition was realized in 2007 and woke up an unexpected and sudden international adhesion that located in a place of privilege in the town international calendar of biennials of contemporary art.

Her organizer, the Patagonia Foundation Art and Challenge, created with the intention of spreading the Argentine art in the world, chose this occasion to make an explicit reference to one of works presented/displayed during the first edition of the biennial: the installation/performance of the Cordovan Dolores Cáceres. Its work, titleholder “the artist indicates?, presented/displayed in the first edition of the Biennial, alluded to the capacity to indicate what sometimes it is avoided, is hidden or we are not able to glimpse.

With curaduría of Fernando Farina, the sample proposes within the framework to approach different problematic aspects from present of the ecological, social and political changes that are lived in the world.

Among others artists participate to the Adrián Argentineans Red Billiards, Andrea Juan, Dolores Cáceres, Egar Murillo, Esteban Alvarez, Fabiana Barreda, Fernando Goin, Flavia Da Rhine, Graciela Sacco, Gustavo Groh, Joaquin Fargas, Jorge Orta, Laura Glusman, Leon Ferrari, Paula Senderowicz, invited artist Josefina Caron, besides foreigners, who were invited “to think about the end of the world?.

A work that theater conjugates, flamenco dance and Literature

Valeria Villagra altogether directs the putting in scene, adapted with Christof Kehr.

Valeria Villagra is a “bailaora? salteña that for 6 or 7 years has the idea to take to the tables the flamenco one, conjugated with the theater and the creations of the writer Federico Garci'a Lorca. Today, 21,30, after four months of intense tests, the work will raise the scene of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460).

“It has been an enormous challenge to face this project, for that reason we are very anxious and happy with the possibility of raising the scene tonight to release the work?, Valeria Villagra in dialog with the Tribuno said.

“The house of White Bernarda?, in the version directed by Villagra and coordinated by Luis Leguizamón, will be presented/displayed to the public respecting the original text, but with some scenes less. In the proposal that is released tonight, in addition, many “bailaores? of the academy of Spanish dances of the director, four professional musicians of flamenco of Buenos Aires and others of the symphonic one of our province will finish giving him to color to the text of the Spanish dramatist Garci'a Lorca, been born the 5 from June of 1898 in Source Cattle, province of Granada.

This drama, interpreted by many enthusiastic artists by the flamenco dance, required of a previous stage of adaptation of the text, so that in him the Spanish dances could be conjugated that, somehow, are illustrating the passages of each act, with the passion and the feelings that only this dance transmits on a scene.

The work counts the history of Bernarda, a very authoritarian woman, who enviuda and for the second time decides to declare to her daughters a mourning that are going to last eight years and del to him that the daughters do not have escape.

“In this work they appear thematic very dramatic like are it the authoritarianism and `that will say' of the society, always in bids up with the search of love and freedom of the human being?, commented Villagra.

“What we have tried to do - the director added is to transmit the load of feelings that appears in the work (pain, death, hatred, love, passion and madness) through the dramatic art and the own expression of the flamenco dance, that combines all those emotional states. The flamenco one is very passional?.

The process of adaptation of the text of Garci'a Lorca was an arduous work. For it, the director met with the German writer Christof Kehr to define how they were going to be the passages of the dramatisation to the expression by means of the dance. First the adaptation was made of the text, soon to begin to think what dances would fit with those feelings and in that situation.

“Truly he was something quite difficult to obtain, by the effort that meant to take all the reading than is a theater script trying to take the plot to which one is customary to do, that is to dance. `Was really able to have a discussion' with the text of Garci'a Lorca through corporal language?, observed the director.

The selection of each personage also was an exhaustive work. The totality of the protagonists is almost incarnated by dancers who penetrate for the first time in the action. For it much test was necessary. All the list studied and read the work to be soaked of the history that locks up “the house of White Bernarda?, to respect it and, as far as possible, to enrich it to the maximum.

“Very I am satisfied with the attack that all the list has delivered and the people who collaborated from outside. The work is the result of the work of a team of artists very it jeopardize. Clear that always they are the adrenalin and those nerves without which we would not be either here, but we are enjoying it much?, showed the “bailaora?. Villagra emphasized in addition that it is the first time that in our province is realized a spectacle that fuses the flamenco one with the theater. And that is, also, the first time that is realized in Argentina this work of Garci'a Lorca in fusion with the flamenco one.

The putting was organized by the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of Jumps, within the framework of the celebrations of the Day of Graduated (2 of June) and the 65 years as the institution.

The musicians invited for the occasion are Emiliano Goatherd (guitar), Adrián Barrionuevo (he sings), Luciano de Franceschini (guitar) and Renzo Lucas Balbo (percussion). The narration is in charge of the Pink Spanish Maria Go'mez Guillet, and the stage scene is of Natalia Cricket.

The entrances are for sale in soothes of the Professional Council (Spain 1,420), to a value of $25.

“We hoped that the people of the public can appreciate all the work that we did?, she concluded Villagra.

The work will recover the 14 of August in a scene to confirm.

Parade of fashions of Benito Fernandez

The prestigious designer will present/display his collection autumn-winter. The hairdos will be in charge of Miguel Ruhl.

The recognized Benito designer Fernandez will present/display his collection autumn - winter 2010 in an exclusive parade, tomorrow to 20, in the Design hotel Suites (Belgrano 770). The event, that will count on the presence of the national models Dolores Barreiro and Analía Maiorana and the participation of 15 models of agency Incanto Models, will be to benefit of the work of father “Chifri?.

The new collection of Benito Fernandez, “Rock in Jumps?, re-floats the colors, weaves by hand, looms and textures dyed with Earth products. The leathers with chains and faults megre with items of the decade of the 80. Black blue, green, violet colors, silverplating and are mixed in textures printed like the wool, the gauze and sateen, adding themselves to them the enchantment of the looms.

In the parade all the hairdo innovation will be able to be appreciated, in charge of the stylist salteño Miguel Ruhl.
Benito Fernandez is one of the designers more met the country. In his curriculum one stands out that it dressed to real princess Maxima Holland and her family. Also to recognized figures like Dolores Barreiro, Pampita, Andrea Frigerio and Natalia Wolf. In addition, part of its previous collection, “Ethnic group?, will be seen in the new film of “Sex & the City?, that is released today in Jumps.

The designer chose as scene the Fist salteña to realize the graph of his new collection and traveled his equipment yet towards the locality of Great Tolar to realize the production of photos.
On the other hand, he is worth to emphasize that all the collected one in the parade morning to the night will be donated to the pastoral task that father “Chifri? is realizing in Rosary of Lerma. Its mission is to take care of 25 communities and 18 schools pertaining to hills of the locality of Rosary of Lerma and of the Gorge of the Toro, besides constructing the first school lodges secondary of the Alfarcito.

Heavy metal in the stops of the Miter Theater

Aggressor will present/display “Spiritual Llama?, his first record material.

The band of heavy Attacking metal of jujuy will appear tonight to 21 in the room “Martin Raul Gallant? of the Miter Theater.

This spectacle will be realized within the framework of the cultural cycle denominated “alternative music lives in Jujuy?, supported by the Secretariat of Culture of the Province.

In the occasion the presents will be able to enjoy the presentation of “Spiritual Llama?, first record work of the local band.

Jorge González (guitar and voice), Joaquin Sword (guitar), Emilio Cross (under) and Izetta Marks (battery) are the integral musicians of Aggressor who come touching within underground from the metalera scene of the province.

The formation officially made debut the 21 of September of year 2007 in a recital outdoors and could share scene with bands of its same musical style of the country, Colombia, Peru and Mexico.
In the middle of the 2008, they manage to record demo test and they continue appearing by the interior of the province, like for example, in the Huancar, in Resisting the Rock of the Quiaca and in the Chicha Rock of San Salvador de Jujuy.

The objective of the members of the grouping is the one to pass on message on real facts, “before to sing sterile things since it makes the majority of the commercial groups?.

“We think that the things are going to change and want that people understand the one that with personal effort the planet is going to be a better place where we pruned to live all as brother as we were sometimes? they declared.

The entrance to the recital for the community inhabitant of the capital will be free and gratuitous.

Parade to benefit of the work of Chifri father

They come Benito Fernandez with the presentation from the super models Dolores Barreiro and Analia Maiorana.

The next Friday 4 of June, to 20, Benito Fernandez will present/display its collection autumn - winter 2010 in an exclusive parade in Hotel DESIGN SUITES to Benefit of Obra of Chifri Father

The event will count on the presence of the recognized national models Dolores Barreiro and Analía Maiorana and the participation of 15 local models of Incanto Agency Models. All the hairdo innovation will be able to be appreciated, in charge of the prestigious stylist Miguel Ruhl.

Benito Fernandez, is one of the designers more met the country. In his curriculum one stands out that it dresses to Princess Real Maxima Holland and her family. Also to recognized figures like Dolores Barreiro, Pampita, Andrea Frigerio and Natalia Wolf.

Part of its last collection Ethnic group, will see in the new film of “Sex & the City?, that finishes releasing in the USA.

The designer chose to the Province of Jumps like scene for the photographic production of his collection to which he called “Rock in Jumps? and for the accomplishment of his parade launching.

He is possible to emphasize that Chifri Father has the pastoral task to take care of 25 communities and 18 schools pertaining to hills of the Locality of Rosary of Lerma and the Gorge of the Toro. The present mission concentrates in the construction of 1er Secondary School-Lodge of “the Alfarcito?.

The organization this in charge of agency INCANTO MODELS (

Besides enjoying the new tendencies of the fashion, the assistants will be able to taste an exquisite cocktail of restaurant BOLDNESS.

The entrances for sale are in INCANTO MODELS: Eucalyptuses 234 - tel 4398068 - to Leguizamn 683 and Caretakers 826/GARBBO: Miter 79

II Encuentro de Danza Folkloric and Native

Academies of all the province participated, that had the opportunity to exhibit elegant choreographies.

Before an amount of important public, last Saturday in the Monterrico club San Vicente from the 18, Encounter of Native Dances was developed to the Second Folkloric and denominated “Cultivating Traditions? that were organized by the school of native dances the “Furnace? of Monterrico.

Academies of all the province participated, which had the opportunity to exhibit the work carried out with each one of the boys.

This is the second time that is realized the event of consecutive way and effort to the aims is made by far promote the culture and traditions of our earth.

To the one of the past year less academies participated and it did not participate as much public.

This he is one of the aspects to emphasize of the second encounter that was described like positive by the organizing commission.

The concentration of the 17 participant academies was realized in place the Farmer with a parade on the street 23 of August hours 17,00, touching moment by the applause of the public present, relative and neighbors who were present at the colorful activity.

Later they moved to the facilities of the Monterrico Club San Vicente for the central activity that extended until past the midnight.

Professors of the academy Fogón, Car it and Matías Mud, organizers of the event were satisfied by the call and been thankful with each one of the participant groupings that arrived from Palpalá, Palmasola, San Salvador de Jujuy, San Antonio, Old Position, Perico and all the academies of Monterrico, also thanked for to the Nilson intendant Grouse that always is predisposed for events like this one, while they advanced that they are all the desire for the development of the following encounter while they were thankful to the presents to accept the invitation to another encounter.

Marcelo Saenz, professor of the school of dances

“The Antigal? of Palpalá said to be satisfied by the event and I congratulate the organizers to congregate to many academies of the province since I assure that this raises the level of the dancers.

In addition on its participation the National Championship to Malambo whose preselective it will be realized in October, said that it is being prepared well and that it feels accompanied by all the jujeños.
It is important to emphasize that these activities enrich the culture of our town and that, in addition hire the values by querebcia of our earth through his typical dance as he is foclore national.

This encounter deonde arose the native culture counted the participation of young values of all the province that demonstrated to skills and elegance in each of their choreographies.

Without doubts, a pride for our province that is transmitted of generation in generation and is reflected in the own idiosyncrasy of Jujuy.

Colombian theater in Jujuy

This Saturday and Sunday, two pieces in the theater of the Return will appear.

Two proposals of infantile theater will carry out east weekend in the theater of the Return of the Century.

This Saturday to 17, the piece of puppets “the Red? realized by group Solitary Butterfly, native Caperucita will appear of Bogota, Colombia.

The artists will realize the work of puppets in mixed technique, cradle in the classic story with adaptations to the modern context in which the pacific solution of the conflicts was observed, will reinforce values like the respect, obedience and the love.

In as much, Sunday in identical schedule, the work will recreate “the country of the Friendship? of the actor, director and August dramatist Cristancho.

The artist belongs to the group Of Viaje and the Traveller of Colombia and will tell to the small spectators this work that becomes a metaphor that rescues the concept of friendship and its meaning like one of the most important values and frequently perhaps forgotten in our times.

The friendship concept moves away every time our time invites to have more attachment to the material, to prioritize the personal and economic interests, among others over the human factor.
In the work “Agucho?, it will travel by the ways in search of his friend SAR to celebrate his celebration of birthday.

To his step one is with personages who confuse to him and they make move away him of the true way. Four puppets in scene, the magical tricks, the interaction with I publish match of this work playful to lose the fear.

The anticipated entrances will have a value of 10 pesos and the general to 15 in the mentioned space.

Projections and theater cycle in “Culturarte?

This behind schedule local productions realized by Wayruro will be seen Popular Communication. Tomorrow there will be theater.

Today to 19 the projection of videos will be realized coordinated by Wayruro Popular Communication in the museum and cultural center “Culturarte?.

The audio-visual ones that will be able to be appreciated will be “In the Height?, “Purmamarca, Land of songs?; “Tacit? and “Potters of Casira?, within the framework of the impressive denominated sample “the Biodiversity in the Bicentennial? that summons National Parks.

This exhibition sets out to show spectacles of several artistic disciplines.

In this frame it is that tomorrow to 20, will imagine the piece “In the arms of Alfredo Alcón? a work of Elena Bossi, that was winning of the Celebration Province of Theater 2008.

The argument turns around a history of mothers and daughters and are placed in our province.

It is seductive, outlandish, inimputable. To his she will love it daughter she will hate and it; but she will not have more remedy than to do what she requests oà to him to feel guilty.

Elsa has been having in house ashes of its mother passed away for a month, before the death promised to him that it would give ashes to Alfredo Alcón, because loved it secretly and dreamed about acting with him in a film, reason why exists in the family a myth about that supposed hidden love.

In the opportunity, Silvia Galician and Maria will act of the Carmen Echenique, assistant of direction Rubén Iriarte, design of lights and technique Leopoldo Grandson. The proposal will renew the next Saturday to 21, the function of “Osito fulfills years? in the mentioned cultural space. It is important to mention that all the activities are of gratuitous character.

Presentation of “the Sorceress of the Oranges?

It will be carried out of the celebrations of the week of the gardens within the framework.

Today the presentation of the disc will be realized “the Sorceress of the Oranges? to 10, 15 and 19 in the Miter Theater.

It is important to emphasize that the two first functions will take place for schools and gardens.

“The Sorceress of the Oranges? will arrive from the forest of the Blue Pines, perfuming the air of orange blossom and prepared with her basket of oranges to sing dancing and enjoying a special day next to the children of our province.

Inspired by the personages of her paradise and those of our reality, the sorceress composes her songs in pop music and world-wide, since she happens from classic to popular cumbia and reggaetón.

The sorceress is accompanied by different voices, where the boys of the room of 4 years of the Jim Cedems stand out, “Songs for? counts with 11 subjects and two play back to you, with which the boys can sing in their houses next to the sorceress.

All the subjects are of responsibility of Adriana and Angelica Simón, except for “the five young donkeys?, (song of cradle of Javier Villafañe with music of anonymous responsibility).

Diverse histories will be sung through the voice of this sorceress, interpreted by Angelica Simón, who also evolves as the folclorista premises elevating the subjects of an pleasant form.

This spectacle will be carried out like part of the celebrations of the week of the Kindergartens.

The entrances on sale are 20 pesos, in the mentioned cultural space.

Pictures of unstructured artists

The Ventolera is twelve gigantografías of the group of visual artists “?, of Catamarca.

From its beginnings, the photography was transgressor, modern; it was known what it was not, but it was difficult to say what was in fact. It was not a substitute of the painting, was faithful copy of the reality either (it seemed to be it, but also it had the capacity to transform the reality into something new), was difficult to catalog. Over the years and the successive technological jumps, today it is possible to face the photography of infinite ways. If the taking like means of expression and territory of searches, exists the possibility that new proposals for this art arise that, evidently, is continued renewing.

By this footpath they advance many creators who have in the photography their means of subsistence (it is its profession), and simultaneously they are sent to undergo interesting esthetic options. It is the case of Ariel Alexander Pacheco, graphical reporter catamarqueño, member of the Cultural Center the Primitive one. The artist will present/display as of today, to 20,30, in center Cultural Aristene Papi his sample “Yearbook?, integrated by twelve pictures (gigantografías of 1.20 meters by 90 centimeters) of the group of visual artists the Ventolera, of Catamarca. The works appear tightened like linen cloths in wood frames. “The idea of the assembly for each picture took elements from the theater and the painting: the movement in the composition, the game of plane and bottom and, mainly, the maquillaje and the illumination?, explained the photographer.
The result: absolutely conventional images, where the portrayed ones re-invent from their own creative subjectivity and the one of other colleagues.

With this criterion, the reality stops existing and is the eye of the photographer who decides the intentionality of the images. This process, nevertheless, to be “original? does not become a sleeplessness. “He is not one of my objectives - it clarified Pacheco. In this proposal one considered to work from a place different from the habitual one from the documentary photographies. The portrayed ones (plastic artists) wished to be unstructured and free; it was a shared work search, of recognition and construction of the identity: from the glance of the other, its own one watched?. Pacheco is, besides a visual artist, graphical reporter of a newspaper catamarqueño.

It considers that both rolls cannot be separated: “In fact, all photographic fact determines a mixture, an amalgam, a constant synthesis between the visual artistic fields. It happens that often, when images are obtained that also own esthetic qualities, emphasize them as if the documentary thing lacked importance and were something simple?.
“Of all ways, for the majority of the human accomplishments something of artistic character is required and, therefore, he is to him intrinsic to the documentalismo and, in this sense, it denotes a majority. The artistic thing, like so, finishes belonging to all creative act?, added.

Pacheco emphasized that what him “clears the dream is not to be original, but to be able to find the way to show the other what I mean, to find the tools to say it without confusions, to be a communication instrument. The image in itself is a luck of encomillado of the reality and, therefore, it would not have to be the product of how the photographer creates who the things must happen or to be. In synthesis: I do not look for to be original to show what many already they showed, only wanted to be able to show it as it is?, cleared the artist.

The people portrayed by Pacheco belong to the Ventolera, the first group of visual artists (painters, sculptors, photographers and engravers) that decided to be united “to break the local artistic canon?. The sample will be able to be visited as of today, with gratuitous entrance.

Today they will sound to the chords of the guitar of the “teacher Luis?

It is the second time that the concertista recognized one, of 72 years, touches in a scene of our city.

The flamenco one is one of the musical styles more passional than they have been known throughout history. Jose Antonio Luis González knows those feelings, because he has dedicated all their life to take this music more to the variable public. The “teacher Luis?, in addition, has dedicated part of his time to the violin and guitar classes that has dictated from young person in our country. Tonight, the musician will delight once again to the salteños. The appointment is predicted for the 21, in Pro Culture Jumps (Miter 331).

The guitarist appeared for the first time in our province the past year and, according to she said, he is very anxious to share his music again. “I am very contented to be in Jumps. I feel a special affection by that province, because my woman, who passed away 6 years ago, was salteña. In addition, it is a precious city and I believe that to the people of it likes much the flamenco one there?, said Luis González, in an interview with the Tribuno.

González was born in Oviedo, Spain, the 29 of 1938 July. The flamenco one is something innate in this artist, who from very small felt that to make music it was his vocation. In 1957, being nineteen years old, it left from Spain next to his parents for our country, to which it adopted as his place of residence and improvement, continuing during six years his studies of classic guitar with the teacher Alvaro Hussey. To González the flamenco one means a great passion to him.

“Also I touch to tango and folklore, but what I like with all the soul is the flamenco one?, the musician commented. In the last years he has dedicated himself to only touch. It is that González feels that obtains major musical expresividad when on the scene are only he and its guitar. “The concerts with other musicians can complement what I do, but generally is something that lowers the level to them to my interpretations, because in addition, it happens that the melodies cover an a others?, explained.

The musician dedicates itself to flamenco the traditional one. With respect to the fusions with other rates, to which many of the contemporary musicians are ventured, he said that he considers that “they deform the styles, sometimes are obtained good results, but he cannot continue being called them of the same form?. The appointment for one night to pure flamenco will be then today, in Miter 331.

Photographic sample “Everything by all?

It will be inaugurated today, in the Museum of Beautiful Arts of Metán.

“Everything by all? is the name of the sample that will today inaugurate three photographers of our means: Lucas Alascio, Jorge Luperne and Isidoro Zang. The photographies will be able to be appraised from the 20,30, in the Municipal Museum of Beautiful Arts Professor Hoarse Amelio Ceruti, of the city of Metán.

From dissimilar points of view, the three lenses show an urban and human landscape that it defines - to times with a single shout, sometimes with subtility-by where we walked the salteños.
The sample is organized by the Direction of Culture of the Municipality of Metán.

The photographies of Alascio, in black and white, catch scenes of a celebration mother country inside the province. The images of Zang portray common spaces, urban signs, signals that emit the walls, the shades, the rich mixture of the human intellect. The works of Luperne, in as much, are part of a series that took as axis the establishments from the province (of It jumps capital, Pichanal, Tartagal and Oran).

“Many of the images catch young women, the majority embarrassed, whom conscious than they have mainly and than they do not have continue betting to the life, continue believing in the idea that some years ago it was part of the imaginary group of the Argentine society: that our children are going to be better than we?, commented the author.

The interesting sample of the salteños photographers will stay until month end.

Orchestra and youthful choir of the Bicentennial

Musical young people and coreutas of all the country will offer their art today.

The orchestra and national and youthful choir of the bicentennial directed by the teacher I move away Perez will appear tonight to 21 in the greater room of the Miter Theater.

On the other hand, the youthful choir will interpret “Immortal Bach? of Joan Sebastian Bach; (adjustment K. Nystedt) (1915), “the Hambo? of Jaakko Mäntyjärvi (1963); “Or mágnum misterium? of Morten Lauridsen (1943); “31 Song and Song 4? of Fernando Moruja (1960-2004); “Mátrai képek? of Zoltan Kodály (1882-1967); “Field Outside? of Carlos I gave Fulvio (adjustment Eduardo Ferraudi) (1962); “Sacha pear? of Abel Pinto (adjustment Fernando Moruja) and “mareao? of A Rodriguez (adjustment Fernando Moruja).

The concert will finalize with both formation artistic on the scene, having combined its talent in a repertoire symphonic-chorale.

The Montagues and Capuleto de Giuseppe Verdi (1913-1901), “Goes Pensiero? of the Opera “Nabucco?

The Georges Bizet (1838-1875) 2 Choirs of “Carmen?.

Jujuy will within the framework receive the visit of these groupings of the activities of the bicentennial of the May revolution, within the framework of a cycle of concerts in charge of the orchestra and national and youthful choir, conformed by originating musical young people of all the country.

Through this initiative, the children and young people who participate in the national program, incorporating to its families and their groups of reference and promoting the access to cultural goods that try one better quality to them of life.

The concerts of the orchestra and the national and youthful choir will be realized in five stages, this month will take shape in the region of the Argentine Northwest, in June will be the Argentine Northeast, in New July Whose and Cordova, in Patagonia October and November Santa Fe, Between Rivers and Buenos Aires.

The invited directors will be the teachers I move away Perez, the Ignacio Spanish Garci'a Vidal and Stefano Lano. The director of the choir in all the concerts will be the Teacher Mariano Moruja and the musicians and singers who participate in the project are smaller of 25 years.

For the tour of the Argentine Northwest the invited director will be the teacher I move away Perez and the members of the choir and the orchestra come from the city of Buenos Aires and of the provinces of Buenos Aires, Cordova, Formosa, Jujuy, the Pampas, Mendoza, Neuquén, It laughed Black, It jumps, San Juan, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe and Tucuman.

The entrance for the public will be free and gratuitous, with insignia.

The Nocheros will present/display their new disc to the salteños

The flaming record material denominates “The other moon? and the songs were recorded live.

The set the Nocheros will send in the capital salteña its last record material, denominated “The other moon?. The call is for Tuesday 25 of May, to 18, in the runner of the Balcarce street and the entrance she will be free and gratuitous.

Sources of the organization of the spectacle informed that Mario, Kike and Alvaro Teruel and Rubén Ehizaguirre chose their native province for the launching of their new material like part of the central activities that from the provincial Government were programmed to celebrate the Bicentennial.
“It is an recorded acoustic album live, that counts on new songs and it already is available in disquerías of the country?, it advanced Rubén Ehizaguirre from Chile, where the group folkloric fulfills diverse commitments.

In the tours that the Nocheros realized a few months ago they presented/displayed unpublished subjects that they are including in this new work. The CD is promoted with the subject “Was? and the first cut is “The other moon?.

“The song `Was' marks to a new tendency of the sound tinku, that impels romantic melodies with a fort and forceful rythmical refrain. The album contains 12 recorded acoustic songs live, of authors like Peteco Carabajal, Victor Heredia, Daniel Caves, Ica Novo and Facundo Toro, among others?, affirmed Mario Teruel.

In addition, there are compositions of Mario and Kike Teruel, between which they stand out Yesterday “I saw you?, “Coarse of wounds?, “Tell me?, “Rain? and “Heart twig?.

Broken ties with record EMI Music, the set was associated with Telefe for the recording and the launching of the plate, that was registered live before 300 people in one of the studies of the transmitter. The new plate of study of the popular quartet, that in 1994 obtained the prize Consecration in Cosquín and of in it would reap a good amount of distinctions more there, counted on the musical production and adjustments of Sebastián Fucci and the executive production of Kike Teruel.

“This new objective was obtained with an important team of professionals, in whom I do not want to stop mentioning our musicians: Sebastián Fucci, Ramon Cheers, Palin Soda, Martin Berrios, Juan Enríquez and Gustavo Martelli. Also they participated in the disc Leonardo Ferreira, in violin; Sophie Lussi, in viola; Juanjo Castelli, in accordion; and Carlos Flowers, next to Mario Lizárraga, in sikus?, enumerated Kike.
In 1986, the Earth salteña was witness of the first chords of the Nocheros. The scope of its beginnings was musicalizado by the Chalchaleros, the Border ones, Those of Jumps, the Singers of the Dawn, the Nombradores and Daniel Toro. It was then when they began to forge that personality and that sound authentically salteño took that them to cross all the country.

After to comprise of the Choir Polifónico de Salta, Mario and Rubén penetrated for the first time in the artistic heading like pair. Soon after they integrated to new voices until constituting the present quartet.
The production of each of its discs is a care work in which they converge a new repertoire and classic of the Argentine folklore.

With adjustments of great level, tedious and simple, the songs recreate a nochero sound that take more than two decades of use and one effectiveness verified at the time of adding admirers in different points from the world.

The Celebration of the Native Culture

The soloist Red Jorge will inaugurate the official rock tonight.

Everything is ready so that the second edition of the Celebration of the Native Culture begins today, that will be developed in the property Erased Mark, of the community the Favor, in Santa Victoria This, organized by the singer Red Jorge.

The billboard includes artists of the stature of the Kjarkas, Sergio Galleguillo, Song 4, Mariana Cayón and Guitarreros, among others.

The teacher of ceremony will be the recognized conductor and speaker Juan Alberto Badía.

Tonight the opening of the official rock will be fulfilled. Tomorrow the acts will be realized in the School 4171 Nº and the inauguration of the health center. In the evening they will qualify the Stroll of Craftsmen and soon it will begin first of the two nights of the Celebration of the Native Culture.

Sunday the “Triatlón of Monte? will be carried out, a competition that includes athletics, swimming and cuts of post with axe.

At night the closing of the festival will take place folkloric.

The Walnuts will offer their music in Regiment 20

In the occasion, the recognized artists will offer a patriotic message through their traditional repertoire.

Tonight to 21, the presentation of the group will be realized the Walnuts in the place of arms of Regiment 20, within the framework of the celebrations by the Bicentennial of the Mother country.

“We are going to interpret native subjects “the artillery one? (zamba), “Sergeant Cabral? (chamamé), “the 60 grenadiers? (cueca), “Argentina that sings? (zamba) and one zamba dedicated to the cruise General Belgrano created by Andres Alfredo Suárez and dedicates that it to the heroes that rests under the sea and to the survivors of the General cruise Saline Belgrano? Fernando expressed, founder of the group to the Tribuno de Jujuy.

“With this spectacle we anticipated our presentation to the watch of day 24 to receive the Bicentennial of the Mother country, in the border city where our mother country was born. We want to arrive with a great spectacle for the festive day?.

However, more presentations are agendadas by the group, since in July they will arrive at the locality of Suipacha, where the battle got rid of Suipacha and then, will visit the city of San Lorenzo in Tarija, Bolivia.

With recognized trajectory local and national level, the set continues conformed by four musicians, Victor Hugo Celi (first guitar and low voice), Andres Alfredo Suárez (first voice and first guitar) of Saline Salta and Fernando (guitar and first voice) and Pedro Loved (second voice and big drum).

Dresses of gauchos, tonight will offer the essence of the folk music, through a patriotic message.

“That we continue seeding you bring back to consciousness because our songs stay alive in the song that we expressed with a deep feeling defending our culture and tradition?.

Maximum Quartet Jazz in stops of the Miter Theater

The set will offer a gratuitous spectacle next to special guests.

Tonight to 20 the band will appear Maximum Quartet Jazz in the scene of the “Martin Raul Gallant?, within the framework on the cultural cycle “alternative music lives in Jujuy?.

In the occasion, Top Sanchez Bustamante (guitar), Alomías Lizárraga (saxo), Vernal Luis (under) and “Bacho? Auad (battery) will interpret diverse musical styles like swing, hardbop, bossa novates, funky, rhythm and blues and soul.

In addition they will count on the participation of musicians invited like Fran Limme (trombón) and “Toti? Rivers (trompeta).

According to the collective thought of the artists, not only the improvisation is the unique characteristic that it defines to the jazz, but is this freedom in the interpretation able to turn it into music more attractive than it is possible to be touched.

“The jazz cannot happen fashionable and verify that it is impossible to hear the same subject twice and not to feel anything new?.

It is important to emphasize that the members of this set jujeño will record live their first record material next.

The entrance for the public will be free and gratuitous.

“A History of Revolution? in the streets of Liberator

The work was written on the basis of the investigations Osvaldo Soriano and Felix Moon.

“A History of Revolution? is the theater work that will appear tonight to 21 on Belgrano street in front of the municipal building, like part of the official program of acts of the Week of May within the framework of the Bicentennial of the Mother country.

The cooperative school and the direction of press of the local municipality are the ones in charge to take to scene the artistic piece of Red Alvaro, who will include 60 people acting, between educational, parents, students and ex- students of the institution.

In addition putting in scene, that includes a town hall that reaches the six meters in length by three meters of stop, counts on the main directorate of Red Alvaro, the choreographies of Analía Giménez, the live music of Fabian Go'mez and the stage scene of Juan Zelaya next to educational of the institution.

This cultural encounter is supported with the support and auspice of the municipality of General Liberator San Martin.
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