A festival in tribute to the Gentleman and the Virgin of the Miracle

They will act Jose Garci'a, the “Shovel? Aguilera and Gastón Lamb, among others.

The last details for the great musical appointment of next Saturday in the vestibule of the Cathedral are polishing Basilica of Jumps. The festival will be realized Saturday 31, in tribute to the Gentleman and the Virgin of the Miracle, at the end of the enthronement of the holy employers. The entrance will be free and gratuitous and is predicted that it begins to 20.30.

In the billboard of artists who will participate in the spectacle appear Jose Garci'a, Gastón Lamb, the “Shovel? Eyrie, the lyrical singer Mountain Claudia, Luján Peñalva, Eduardo Madeo (h) and the band of the Army the Infernal ones, with its director Walter Mariet. Also it will be the Contempo group, integrated by Alfredo Villegas, Jorge Omen, Enrique Albarracín, Adrián Lopez and Cristian Lopez. A platform will be armed in center of the vestibule, with the majestic basic cathedral. Chairs, lights will be placed, four giant screens and towers of sound in different sectors from place 9 of Julio, so that the public one enjoys east musical tribute to the holy employers Jumps.

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