“A passed man without? will project in Culturarte

This Finnish accomplishment directed by Aki Kaurismäki will behind schedule appear for the public jujeño this to 19 hs.

“A man without past? is the film that will project behind schedule this to 19 in the museum and cultural center “Culturarte?.

Name to the Best Film of nonEnglish speech, to three prizes in the Festival of Dogs, including Better Actress, Great Prize of the Jury; San Sebastián: Prize FIPRESCI: Better Film of the Year and name the Caesar to Better European Film; this film narrates the life of a man who arrives in train at Helsinki and is brutally attacked by three individuals to rob to him.

Because of the received blows, it loses the memory and, with her, its identity. Then, it finds the aid of a marriage of limited resources and Irma, an official of the Army of Salvation, which it will end having an idyll.

When one is in a bank trying abrir an account, a ruined industralist enters to berth it.

In the later interrogation, when not being able to give the data of his identity, he is stopped like suspect of to have collaborated in the holdup. But a lawyer to the service of the Army of Salvation, obtains that they leave him in freedom.

However, the police continues its investigation and manages to discover its identity: he is a metallurgical worker who is married. He visits his wife, who communicates to him that just they are divorced, reason why returns with Irma to resume her relation.

“A man without past? offers a new “Fleeting? Cloud facet (Drifting clouds), film that Kaurismäki realized in 1996.

Perhaps it is the best film of the best Finnish producer. From an accidental event (the sudden loss of memory of the protagonist) a fable is constructed on the humanity of dispossessed and the losers of the modern era.

The ruthless progress is solely appeased by the urgent necessity to look for supports without anything in return, an authentic dysfunction that seems to act and where the true love is possible. Sensible and poetic like few.

This film counts on the interpretation of Markku Peltola (m), Kati Outinen (Irma), Annikki Tähti (female leader of the swap-meet), Juhani Niemelä (Nieminen), Kaija Pakarinen (Kaisa Nieminen), Sakari Kuosmanen (Anttila), Pertti Sveholm (police inspector), Anneli Sauli (proprietor of the bar), Esko Nikkari (thief of the bank), Outi Mäenpää (used of the bank), Aino Seppo (ex- woman), Elina Salo (civil servant of the shipyard), Matti Wuori (lawyer), Antti Reini (electrician), Janne HyyTiäinen (Ovaskainen), Aarre Karén (doctor) and Eeva-Liisa Haimelin (nurse).

The filmic accomplishment will within the framework see of the cycle of adults “Clean Cinema?, a proposal for this year.

It is important to emphasize that in the three previous years a review of world-wide the classic cinema was realized, of the Latin American cinema between 1950 and 2009, besides the carried out most recent productions in Jujuy and Salta.

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