A tribute to the Bicentennial of the Mother country through the plastic arts

Today, to 20, in the hall of the House of the Culture the sample will be inaugurated “Part of the Mother country?, of salteños artists.

In all the country, and through different artistic expressions the Year of the Bicentennial is being celebrated, and Jumps is not the exception. With regard to the plastic arts, today from the 20, in the hall of the House of the Culture the sample will be inaugurated “Part of the Mother country?, integrated by paintings of teachers of in center Jumps and the installation “and of my chest?, of the plastic artist Susana Rocha,
The 2010 will be a spent year to remember those who part formed and left an ineffaceable track in Argentine history. They say well that It jumps is the “cradle of the folklore?, the Earth where they were born and they soaked of music the great figures of the popular song. But the folklore is not the unique talent that emphasizes to the salteños all over the country, the same happens to the theater, the dance and the art. “Part of the Mother country? is a realized sample exactly to homenajear to those plastic artists who left an extensive one and interesting pictorial work legacy that does not do more than to confirm than our province is also “cradle of artists?.

The same is integrated by creations of Jorge Hugo Roman, Luis Pretti, Ramiro Dávalos, Mariano Coll, José Castro, Guillermo Usandivaras, Neri Cambronero, Juan Javier Pautassi, Ernesto Scotti and Alexander Ache, personages of the Bohemian salteña who not only had sensitivity to shape on the linen cloth their own interpretation on the reality, but also knew to share their knowledge and experiences with the art through teaching.
“The culture had much to do in the development of the society. Within the cultural expressions people who made a great contribution to the constitution of the society, through the plastic arts existed. He is why I decided to arm a sample pictorial that he serves to render tribute to him to those great teachers of the art of the province?, detailed the organizer of “Part of the Mother country?, the cultural manager Javier Farfán.

Paintings never before seen

In order to arm the sample, Farfán crossed diverse deprived collections, took contact with some proprietors and it even spoke with relatives of the homenajeados artists, who facilitated unit to him in perfect state of conservation.

“He was pleasing to have been in contact with people like professor Fulvia Lisi, Fernando Saravia Toledo, Rogelio Saravia Toledo, Carmen Coll, Virginia Suarez, Lucia Chagra, Topeto the Diaz, Guillermo Schawrcz, Yolanda Pretti, Isidoro Zang, Juan Astudillo, who amiably yielded works for their exhibition?, she emphasized Farfán, that in addition she advanced that a total of 20 pictures will be exhibited, that represent the figurative style with which they were conceived by his creators.
With respect to the reason took that to reunite it these works, Farfán explained that “the main idea is to present works that were not exhibited before, that is to say that went directly to the proprietor without having been in a museum or gallery of art. I thought that he was interesting to observe a work of José Castro or Neri Cambronero who has not known themselves directly. The fundamental thing is to set out of the artist its fundamental characteristic in its painting?.

The important thing of this type of initiatives, besides adding itself to the celebrations by the Year of the Bicentennial, is to remember those great teachers who with their contribution gave value him to the art of our means in all expressions. “This type of exhibitions makes us remember how it arose and it matured the art in our province. As they say, we do not have to forget from where our culture comes and to see where it goes?, emphasized Farfán, who in addition I observe that the sample is called “Part of the Mother country? because the art always comprises of Argentine history.

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