A imperdible infantile musical show: “The Brujita Small cover?

A imperdible infantile musical show! In a unique function in It jumps, Sunday 27 of June, to 18, in the Room Juan Carlos Dávalos will appear the Brujita Small cover, by his creators Cecilia Rogier and Chacho Merceillac.

The Brujita Small cover, is the personage of a song for children whom Cecilia Rogier composed during the month of June of 1978. In that Cecilia year it was realizing his educational practices for the teaching staff where it studied the race of professor in Pre-school Education.

To these it realized them practices in a kindergarten prevailed of that one then call Misia Pepa, in the city of Palomar, great Buenos Aires. It had a group of students of Room of 5. They were very bivouacs… and they loved music! Motivated by them, it composed the song that years later would become one of the most sung by the children in the kindergarten.

Cecilia counts that from the first time sang that it the boys encariñaron with “the brujita and its likeable witchcrafts?. They requested day to him to day that returned it to sing, drew that it, that told to things of the “dear Brujita Small cover them?.

Just a short time later, already working like professor of music in center Cultural Haedo, Cecilia sang that song enters many others its colleagues during a meeting of educational qualification. As of that day the Brujita Small cover overcame flight by itself.

In those years, the prestigious Choir of Singing Children of Haedo, directed by its founder, the Edgardo teacher Plowed, interpreted in diverse points of Argentina the Brujita Small cover, along with other songs of Cecilia like the Viborita DIN, Cold Snout, One Plus One: Two, Round Round, Song To copy, Then etc. the Brujita Small cover was begun to sing by many places of the country.

In 1991 the CD Piojos and Piojitos was published, that became one of best musical products for children and who were produced by Fito Paez. The Brujita Small cover was one of the songs of that CD. As of that moment all the boys among 2 and 5 years began to sing the song of Small cover, the distracted brujita. In several CDs for children he is including this song.

Something peculiar happens with the songs that are learned “of mouth in mouth?: usually they have modifications with respect to the original one, exactly product of the “mouth in mouth?. Then, the Brujita Small cover remained two verses just by… and it has four!

In 1995, the Pair Time of Sun began with musical his shows and days of musical games for educational. He was then that discovered, with much emotion, the beloved who were the Brujita Small cover between boys, papis and educational Argentineans.

Entrances on sale in the Ticket office of the House of the Culture: It silverplates preferential $50, It silverplates $40 and Pullman $30, all with location.

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