A police officer of black humor that will not happen unnoticed in Jumps

Luis Caram is an original adaptation of the director, of a text of the Venezuelan Gustavo Ott.

A police officer of esthetic black humor with a very particular one is what Luis Caram in “Pavlov promises to the director, 2 seconds before the crime?, the theater putting that will be released the 18 of June in the Theater of the Foundation Jumps (Gral. Güemes 434), with an outstanding local list.

“One is a novel, agile work and attractive from the visual, interpretative and sensorial point of view?, he anticipated the director. “In It jumps we can make theater with the same category that the one that comes from Buenos Aires, or better even in some cases?, sent Caram.

With the glance put in this horizon the novel proposal based on a text of the Venezuelan dramatist Gustavo Ott was designed.

“I released this work in Washington, like actor, several years ago. But he had esthetic the more traditional, most realistic one?, counted Caram. The putting, in the version salteña, has boldness appearances: Caram, like chief of a main directorate, and Miguel Astudillo, like art director, seted out to print the esthetic one to him of cómics of the magazines of years 50 and 60. Thus, the scenic structure will consider in three emblems, with the stage scene drawn in black and white. In resistance, the personages will have wigs and clothes of strident colors.

The action, unlike which it is visually, will be absolutely neutral. “The idea is that people put of her imagination to complete the personage, as she happens to cómic?, explained Astudillo.

The sound also will have the strong protagonism: “It will be almost the band of a film, because the work has a very cinematographic vision?, the art director added.

Caram maintained that “the idea was to take a subject that is very attractive: a police officer of black humor, and adds an interesting resource to him from the point of view of the dramatic art, that is that the author goes and returns in the time. The work begins with a murder, it passes to which it would be chronological the end of history and returns to a scene located two hours before the crime?, it described the director.

Theater for all

The version salteña of “Pavlov, 2 seconds before the crime? yearns for an adressee of thousand faces. “We think that the theater is for everybody, for that reason make works of very good quality and very popular?, it needed Luis Caram.

About the personages, it anticipated that they are psychologically very delimited, very marked: “Each has its symptoms and their traumas. You rule of how they had to be made up the personages were very well put, that contributed to that the actoral task was excellent?.

Caram needed that although the work has humoristic ingredients, the public leaves thinking. “A reading can be made superficial or to read between lines?, limited.

The Retirement Productions is working in this theater project for almost a year. About the challenges that the art direction raised, Astudillo specified that he was not simple to technically shape on a scene a comic strip format. “We do not want to remove a centimeter than initially we imagined. A fear that we had with Luis was what would happen with the personages which they are so exaggerated in his esthetic one, with those great wigs of cartapesta and those so exotic and colorful dresses. As we are having the objects, we realize of which everything fits. We have not had to resign to any of the artistic licenses that we devised. By all means that accompanies the actors, who adapt to work with a wig of an average kilo and in the head, or with shoes of 20 centimeters of height… Personages are really composing who are going to be for a long time in the memory of the spectators?, concluded.

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