“A called town Jujuy? in stops of the Miter

The theater piece of the Pink Theater will see in the cycle “Our Theater?.

Tonight to 21 the piece will appear “a called town Jujuy? of the Pink Theater in the stops of the Miter Theater.

Under the popular humorous sort the released theater production in 2003 will recreate that is directed by Roman Germa'n.

The work, that was created by Alberto Alabí, Felix Maldonado and Héctor Tizón, emphasizes those experiences of which nobody speech, those that they are hidden, those of the return of the corner.

A town has great and small histories. The citizen memory always longs for the heroic actions, but daily we lived surrounded by minimum histories that give popular identity us.

This work will be exhibited for the community generally by means of the work of the list of the Pink Theater, a group of artists who is born in Jujuy in the direction of an objective: to do theater considering the context that surrounds to us as jujeños and modifies to us.

Like premise to follow, the members of the artistic group that has been 10 years of permanence in the local scene, seted out to develop theater projects with the certainty to reflect some of the numerous plagues which they advance, destroying the man.

The company jujeña will within the framework participate in this cultural activity that will take place all the Fridays to 21, of the cycle “Our Theater? in the room “Martin Raul Gallant?, by reason for the Bicentennial of the Mother country. The Direction of the Miter Theater and the Secretariat of Tourism and Culture altogether organized this cultural activity that has the objective to foment and to spread the local productions and is especially oriented the students of all the educative levels.

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