A route by Latin America through the dance

The Ballet Folkloric “Santiago of the Matting? will put in scene typical dances of different countries from the continent.

The Ballet Folkloric Latin American “Santiago of the Matting? will put in scene a spectacle that proposes to redescubrir, to value and to recognize the history of our continent. “Racially mixed America? is the name of this proposal that will raise the scene of the Foundation Jumps, today from the 21.30.

Under the direction of Mercedes Ballerini de Messad, the dance body will undertake an imaginary trip by different countries from Latin America. It will do it through his more representative dances. The route will begin in Argentina, with a picture titled “Bursts of as much? until disembarking in Popular Cuba and Dominican Republic with “Caribbean?. In Chile they will make a representation symbolic of the National Park “Rapi Nui?, in the island of Passover; whereas the culture of Bolivia is shaped in choreography of saya. The following destiny will be Peru, where the dancers will make a representation of “huaylas?, an Andean dance, executed in the locality of Huancayo. In addition, the public will be able to delight with the putting in scene of traditional “joropo Eastern?, a national symbol of Venezuela. For the end of the spectacle, the company will arrive at Colombia to put in scene his “bullerengue?, a music and dances of the Atlantic coast, like cumbia Colombian. The last destiny will be Mexico with dances of Baja California, Nayarit and sones of the Mexican coast. For the goodbye, “Racially mixed America? will present/display an impressive denominated number “the Argentinidad?.

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