A stellar action of the special group of dances Third Millenium

One will appear tomorrow, from the 21, in center Cultural America.

The tradition of a town is it identifies what it and differentiates from the others. Something own and deep. For that reason tomorrow, to celebrate the Day of the Argentine Tradition, the special body of dances folkloric Third Millenium, integrated by people with different capacities, will make its presentation stellar Cultural America in center (Miter 23), to 21.

This event is different because the group will dance before its artistic godfather, recognized the payador Gustavo Guichón. On the matter, Adrián Tenth, integral one of Third Millenium, commented that “when the first Celebration of the Young bull in Atocha was realized in past May, we knew this payador of international fame, that was pleasingly surprised with the action of our group?. She added that “he was then that our professor, Ilda Quispe, she asked for to him that she supported to the body of dance in the finery of the 10 of November and it acceded tasteful?.

Another one of the recognized artists who will be at night of the tradition, in center Cultural America, is the bagualero Tomás David Vásquez, that makes shine songs in all the events and surely this one will not be the exception.


Bond to remember that the folklore factory arose in the Foundation Third Millenium in 2006, as a form to stimulate to the people with special needs.

They passed through the factory professors Silvia Caquis and Mariela Chávez, until in 2007 she took the reins from the group Ilda Quispe. To her the students could conform this body of special dance that shows to its technique and enchantment in the varied spectacles and celebrations in which he appears.

“The dance makes us feel healthy and equal?, they defined.

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