An unforgettable opening, that served to declare

Today five puttings of different provinces that the pain is worth to enjoy, in different jujeños spaces will be put in scene.

“This it is an encounter of artists where we can be clear, see us, to grow, because we create and I hope that the time us of the reason, to be constructing the map of the Argentine theater?, expressed Raul Brambilla, executive director of the National Institute of the Theater (INT), that was present next to numerous national authorities, provincial and municipal, in the act of opening of II the Regional Encounter of the Theater of the NOA Jujuy 2009, that the past took place Wednesday, and that will extend until Sunday.

In the beginning, also it spoke to Rodolfo Pacheco, representative in Jujuy of the INT, being thankful to which they made this organization possible.

Before presenting/displaying the spectacle especially preparation for this occasion, also spoke to the secretary of Tourism and Culture of Jujuy, Jorge Noceti, who gave the welcome in the name of the province to all the artists who visit to us and invited to enjoy this celebration.

As of that moment and until the twelve at night, it was possible to be enjoyed in the ex- Railway station a spectacle that brought to the scene a memory and a hope in all the jujeños, with respect to the closing at the menemista time of the railway branches, and to the still latent desire of which sometimes they return to work.

The spectacle counted on the participation of local artists (musical, actors and copleras); national artists like the actress Mirta Busnelli, music Carmen Baliero and the contrabajista Carlos Fertile valley; and children of the factories of theater of the infantile dining rooms and Youthful the Infanto Orchestra of Maimará, actors of different works from Jump, Santiago of the Matting, Jujuy, Tucuman and Catamarca, among others protagonists.

The proposal had from copleras that greeted the public and the teatristas that comprise of this celebration and after concluding the opening, also sang the truth of the railroads; happening through musical numbers (among them an exciting one and interpreted tribute to Ricardo Vilca with its work very well “the last train? in charge of the mentioned orchestra under the direction of Nora Benaglia); and arriving like it could not be of another way at the theater moments to represent true testimonies of people who lived the time on the fence trains, and also to present/display the productions of each province.

And in the end, an exciting interpretation of the version of “Aurora? that proposes Carmen Baliero, titled “Azulunala? and that speaks of a defeated mother country, with contrabasses doing the sound of so yearned for trains, and with women shouting with desperation the names of the towns that have been forgotten with the closing the stations.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

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