A good proposal for the Day of the National Culture

The spectacle counts on music and dance, the meaning of some of the ancestral ceremonies of our earth.

The singer Maryta de Humahuaca will have the opportunity to return to present/display in Jujuy her Andean opera “Alive Culture?. She will be within the framework of the commemoration of the Day of the National Culture, since the capital municipality, chose east spectacle for such celebration.

The appointment will be east Friday to 20,30 in the Ex- Station of Trains of our city, where with the effort of Intendance, eight musicians, eight dancers and the voice of Maryta, will put in scene a spectacle that the main ancestral ceremonies represent that are celebrated in our culture. Thus, and also agreeing with the Day eve of the Pachamama, the Korpachada (to give to eat to the Pacha to homenajear it and to be thankful to him), the Sirviñacu (joined of a pair, or cohabitation), the Shot with an arrow one, the Minka and the Carnival will be able to be appreciated, in the scene that will mount especially for this delivery.

The appointment for all the public jujeño and the tourists who arrive at our earth, is with free and gratuitous entrance, thanks to the initiative of the intendant Raul “Chuli? Jorge.

The spectacle consists of five pictures of which imagines ancestral ceremonies of the Gorge and Jujeñas Fist. The artists relate the history of two young people who are when finalizing the agricultural cycle, of are there living in diverse situations next to their relatives, the ancestral ceremonies that last at present.

The spectacle has a duration of one hour and twenty minutes to which ten minutes are added to him in which Maryta next to their musicians jujeño interprets popular subjects of the repertoire.

“The idea of' Alive Culture' was east year to be able to be in all the province. Lamentably it is not possible to be done for want of support, but the intendant Jorge gave the possibility me of doing it in the capital here?, commented Maryta, the creator of this spectacle that already appeared on two ocassions in the greater room of the Miter Theater.

“Long ago he was hoping to return to put it in scene, and with patience he arrived this possibility with gratuitous entrance for all, with the support of the municipality?, concluded the young person.

The musicians who comprise of this list are Javier Oil mill, Jorge Guari, Luis Stairs, Human Jose, Liber Goatherd, and Andres Dogfish. And the dancers are Martin Esquivel, Daniela Dogfish, Arquiza Franc, Mountain Noelia, Cristina Lopez and Xenón Toconás. The stage scene is of Pablo Suruguay.

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