A work that theater conjugates, flamenco dance and Literature

Valeria Villagra altogether directs the putting in scene, adapted with Christof Kehr.

Valeria Villagra is a “bailaora? salteña that for 6 or 7 years has the idea to take to the tables the flamenco one, conjugated with the theater and the creations of the writer Federico Garci'a Lorca. Today, 21,30, after four months of intense tests, the work will raise the scene of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460).

“It has been an enormous challenge to face this project, for that reason we are very anxious and happy with the possibility of raising the scene tonight to release the work?, Valeria Villagra in dialog with the Tribuno said.

“The house of White Bernarda?, in the version directed by Villagra and coordinated by Luis Leguizamón, will be presented/displayed to the public respecting the original text, but with some scenes less. In the proposal that is released tonight, in addition, many “bailaores? of the academy of Spanish dances of the director, four professional musicians of flamenco of Buenos Aires and others of the symphonic one of our province will finish giving him to color to the text of the Spanish dramatist Garci'a Lorca, been born the 5 from June of 1898 in Source Cattle, province of Granada.

This drama, interpreted by many enthusiastic artists by the flamenco dance, required of a previous stage of adaptation of the text, so that in him the Spanish dances could be conjugated that, somehow, are illustrating the passages of each act, with the passion and the feelings that only this dance transmits on a scene.

The work counts the history of Bernarda, a very authoritarian woman, who enviuda and for the second time decides to declare to her daughters a mourning that are going to last eight years and del to him that the daughters do not have escape.

“In this work they appear thematic very dramatic like are it the authoritarianism and `that will say' of the society, always in bids up with the search of love and freedom of the human being?, commented Villagra.

“What we have tried to do - the director added is to transmit the load of feelings that appears in the work (pain, death, hatred, love, passion and madness) through the dramatic art and the own expression of the flamenco dance, that combines all those emotional states. The flamenco one is very passional?.

The process of adaptation of the text of Garci'a Lorca was an arduous work. For it, the director met with the German writer Christof Kehr to define how they were going to be the passages of the dramatisation to the expression by means of the dance. First the adaptation was made of the text, soon to begin to think what dances would fit with those feelings and in that situation.

“Truly he was something quite difficult to obtain, by the effort that meant to take all the reading than is a theater script trying to take the plot to which one is customary to do, that is to dance. `Was really able to have a discussion' with the text of Garci'a Lorca through corporal language?, observed the director.

The selection of each personage also was an exhaustive work. The totality of the protagonists is almost incarnated by dancers who penetrate for the first time in the action. For it much test was necessary. All the list studied and read the work to be soaked of the history that locks up “the house of White Bernarda?, to respect it and, as far as possible, to enrich it to the maximum.

“Very I am satisfied with the attack that all the list has delivered and the people who collaborated from outside. The work is the result of the work of a team of artists very it jeopardize. Clear that always they are the adrenalin and those nerves without which we would not be either here, but we are enjoying it much?, showed the “bailaora?. Villagra emphasized in addition that it is the first time that in our province is realized a spectacle that fuses the flamenco one with the theater. And that is, also, the first time that is realized in Argentina this work of Garci'a Lorca in fusion with the flamenco one.

The putting was organized by the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of Jumps, within the framework of the celebrations of the Day of Graduated (2 of June) and the 65 years as the institution.

The musicians invited for the occasion are Emiliano Goatherd (guitar), Adrián Barrionuevo (he sings), Luciano de Franceschini (guitar) and Renzo Lucas Balbo (percussion). The narration is in charge of the Pink Spanish Maria Go'mez Guillet, and the stage scene is of Natalia Cricket.

The entrances are for sale in soothes of the Professional Council (Spain 1,420), to a value of $25.

“We hoped that the people of the public can appreciate all the work that we did?, she concluded Villagra.

The work will recover the 14 of August in a scene to confirm.

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