A presentation for the town homenajeando the Earth

The appointment is in Pumamarca the next Saturday from the 9 in the morning. Native communities will participate.

The motivation of the Vilte Memo at the time of arming a celebration, to sing or to record a disc, goes much more there of the artistic thing. If so, one is not to make a disc to sell or to promote themselves, or to make a presentation spectacular to see if hirings arrive.

For that reason the presentation of its first disc, is armed like a very special event, a celebration of its town, Purmamarca.

“The form to present/display has it to do with how the disc was done, why one sings. One does not sing enamoring to a woman, but the motivation always went the love to the Earth, from boy, I began singing songs with my friendly, and today it makes me well sing?, assures in conversation with the Tribuno de Jujuy.

The certain thing is that this disc, titleholder “the Jujeño?, is a work that comes elaborating by far time, in which it is pleasant, and in that shapes all desire to continue honoring its culture. She is a young person who knows what sings has lived, it, and from always she has showed the deep one to feel by his earth. It demonstrates every year to it with the numerous celebrations that organizes in its house of Purmamarca for the most important celebrations of our culture, and in addition with the events that organize to take our culture outside the province.

Generous with its pairs, Vilte Memo assumes a form to work joint, with the musicians, their musicians, and people.

“It does not concern the amount of people, but it matters that the friendly go, I always said that this disc was done for the friendly. The important thing are the affection, the magic that can be gotten to generate, to share with the people of the town?, explains the singer to days of the great day.

For that reason the presentation of its disc, that always was in charge to let know that it would be in Purmamarca “in the place where I learned to sing? - it explains, it will be east Saturday, and not only it will include the spectacle recital, but the activities will begin in the morning to 9 - what supervisory celebration with hoisting of flags and allusive words. In this act, the Native Community of Chalala will receive donations of books and an image of the Virgin of Luján.

They will participate in this moment, bands of sikuris, and by all means all the town.

To 10 one will begin a parade of original towns and centers gauchos by the streets of Purmamarca, and to las12 it will be the official presentation of “the Jujeño?, in a scene that will mount in the place of the town. There the young singer next to their musicians will interpret all the subjects of the disc, soon to meet with which they want to share this moment in the Enchanted House (of I drink Vilte, its father), where the celebrations are already habitual folkloric.
Already in the Enchanted House, also they will be musical protagonists of the scene and friendly guests.

Given the cultural commitment of the proposal, the celebration of the Pachamama and the Indicated one could not need, that they are predicted for the 14.30.

“I want that the children also participate purmamarqueños, proud, because the idea is to revalue our culture and that we feel proud of being quebradeños, of our things. For that reason also we invited song singers so that they are going to the house to celebrate?, continues.
Finally, from the 16, it will be the presentation of comparsas carnavaleras.

Speaking of the sense of this presentation, also it says to us: “I want to overturn in this presentation all the love by my earth that to me my father transmitted, and to do of this form a tribute to him to him, Don Bebo Vilte?.

The musicians who accompany to Vilte Memo in this project, are jujeño Joti Rooster, of Jujuy, in action; and the tucumanos Emilio Diaz, in guitar; Luciano Corbalán, in the low one; Quique Yance, in the piano: Maria Jose Demari, in violin; and Victor Juárez, in bandoneón and accordion.

Meanwhile, waiting for the great day, the Memo did not remain quiet. The past 9 of January realized the Carnival of Moderates in Purmamarca, and the 16 were in the greater scene of the National Festival of Taming and Folklore of Jesus Maria.

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