A voice that “resounds' in our Jujuy and the country

The folclorista purmamarqueño will present/display east weekend, its disc within the framework of Tilcareño January.

It never stops producing, singing, publishing, recording, in the capital jujeña, its native Purmamarca, Federal Capital where they wait for every year to it, and in each corner of our province where it goes with his music and it enjoys his landscape.

Lipán takings are that, song and taste nourished reason why it and it continues it enriching to continue offering what somebody called “the song of Purmamarca?.

The past year published a new disc, from that wonderful spectacle that presented/displayed at the beginning of 2009 in Jujuy and soon it showed in Buenos Aires, “Rumblings?.

With the same title that presentation, saw the light when the year mediated that went away, the record work that will appear for the first time in our province, this Thursday and Friday. The appointment is in Cinema Municipal Hall “Jose San Martin? of the city of Tilcara, from the 21,30 two nights.

The disc includes subjects like which it gives to name to the CD “Rumblings him? (poem in off, of and by Lipán Takings), “Santa Rosa and Sacatripa? (march and morning call D.R compiled by Lipán Takings), “molineña? (zamba of Domingo Rivers and Lipán Takings), “the miner? (tonada-huayno, of Jaime Medinacelli, “the Jovita Perez (zamba of Domingo Rivers and Lipán Takings, “a tear? (bailecito of Rigoberto “Tarateño? Red Suárez), “Cueca of coyas? (of Oscar Valles and Antonio Pantoja), “Carnavalito quiaqueño? (of Lipán takings), “the Condor Happens? (Oscar Valles and Alomías Robles), “humpa? (zamba of Atahualpa Yupanqui), “popular Farmer of Florencio? (D.R compiled by Lipán Takings), “Songs?, and “the Glad ones of the Mill? (carnavalito comparsero of Lipán Takings).

The presentation, of this ninth recorded work of Lipán Takings, is framed in the programming of January Tilcareño 2010, with a spectacle of authentic village folkloric expression, as they say the twelve subjects to it that compose this CD. That is to say, a genuine sample of the song, the music and the dance of the zone.

For it, the singer will count on a select list of jujeños musicians and a pair of dance with allegorical attires. In addition he will have like guest the outstanding Group Chakra de Tilcara.
“Rumblings? were recorded in the Silver, province of Buenos Aires, between July and September of 2009 under the own seal, UKIA.

In the first part, the public will be able to listen to all the subjects that integrate the disc, and already in the second part, the Chakra group will raise the scene. One third part of the encounter with the tourist public jujeño and, will be starts off to cross the subjects of previous discs of our artist.

Lipán takings besides singing, will execute guitar, bandoneón, and other instruments. In addition they will accompany Tolaba Franc, in erke, quena and sikus; Carlos Peñalva, in charango and choir; Gustavo Rodriguez, in guitar and second voice; Juan Mamaní, in low and choir; Rodrigo Benítez, in big drum and choir; Mario Gutiérrez, in redoblante; and Solitude Cross, in voice and choirs.

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