Bond 4 follows step signs and presents/displays its flaming record material

Enzo Robles is the new member of the outstanding set, in replacement of Miguel “Crow? Villalba.

“Bond 4 follows more united than ever, is worth the explanation, because in the last months the rumor that ran the group had arrived at its aim. It cost to us much to position to us at national level and we are not going to throw everything by the hut?, were the words of Ramon “Chayita? Barrionuevo, one of the founders of recognized joint salteño.
“Simply we have replaced to a member. Miguel Villalba decided to move away because he thought that its cycle already was concluded here and wanted to fulfill other personal objectives, but everything was in excellent conditions. Its place Enzo Robles, a young person entered who contributes to freshness and image to him to the group?, assured.

The new companion

In spite of their youth, Oaks already count on several experiences within music. Most important it is his incursion in the Four of Jumps, next to Mariano Cow, the “Shovel? Eyrie and recently disappeared Patricio Jiménez.
Also the Flood formed the set and integrated numerous choral groupings.
“It is a joy to be able to integrate this group to me that already is recognized in all the country and has an important musical trajectory. In addition, it will help me to grow like artist?, declared to his turn the flaming acquisition of Bond 4.

“It is not easy to replace an artist like Villalba, the impact is strong, but thanks to God we had an excellent answer of people in the activities of the last weeks?, added Barrionuevo.
The quartet salteño turned 13 years to step on the most important scenes of the country. “We felt the same nerves of the first day, although we grew much like group. We manage to catch the energy that gives the public and that takes to us to be still within this so pretty circuit that it is the folklore?, maintained to Mario Market, the third voice of the set.
With the presentation of their last disc “Bond 4 + 4?, Market, Carlos Cáseres, “Chaya? Barrionuevo and Robles feel that he is “a little to return at the outset, but with more experience?.

“It is worth 4 + 4?

The new CD is the sixth record work of the group and reunites to the best material of first and the second disc more four new subjects.
“It is why we put `to him Vale 4 + 4', because it includes those musical subjects that we considered bonus tracks within this work?, asserted Cáseres.
The members of the group consider that “this last disc represents a transition for us and gives foot to a new stage for the group. From now on, Bond 4 will be changing, and that will be shaped in a disc more modern than, we considered, will become for the next year?, affirmed.

“We looked for to rearm our band with new sounds, new musical subjects and some I touch, but always maintaining the essence of the group?.
The step that follows for the boys of Bond 4 is to present/display its new work by all the country.
“Since we always did, we will be in all the festivales that are developed during the year inside the country, and in those scenes we will present/display our new work officially. In addition, we suppose that as soon as we finish with that crossed we will make a spectacle here in Jumps Capital?, concluded.

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