Varieté to the cap, an agile and stretched proposal

Net weight Theater will replace its work “Bar and three? today, to 23, in Ameghino 596.

Net weight Theater will offer a new function of its work “Bar and three, tremendous varieté?, today from the 23 in the rest bar C-Positive (Ameghino 596). Reserves to telephone 4228218.

Varieté is a spectacle conformed by short, consecutive and independent numbers to each other, with an agile and stretched dynamics.

In “Bar and three, tremendous varieté? follows one another a history of infidelity in real time; an appointment of little happy pair; a particular generational conflict; and three castings of improbable talents.

The esthetic one of the spectacle responds to the characteristics that they identify to varieté: the actors develop in a nonconventional and informal space, in this case a bar; and they put between the hearing, that is located in the tables.

The piece is carried out by Marcelo Cioffi, Pablo Dragone and Daniel Chacón, with the special participation, like guest, of the actress Paula Ferrer. The technical operation is in charge of “Tasting Col?.

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