Veintiún artists salteña unmasks the ideology of the society

Local artists took their reading on our idiosyncrasy, boarded from original perspective.
The salteños we are preservative, people of family, lovers of prejudiced, shared in common, conformistas, chauvinistic the traditions, collectors of old and unsuitable, siesteros, loving things of the good wine and the served tables good, politically predictable, good hosts… The list could continue and thicken until unimaginable dimensions, because the idiosyncrasy of a town is constructed with logs that are added on a daily basis.

The autoreflexiva glance can be born with or without invitation. In this case there was, it and it was directed to the artists. “Invention-Construction? is the name of the sample that will be inaugurated today, to 20, in the House of the Culture (Homemade 460) and that was armed with an objective: to unmask imaginary salteño.

The ideologists were lawyer Esteban Drincovich and Mercedes Ruiz of the Level ones, and counted on the support of House of the Culture and of Pro Culture He jumps.

The artists who participate in this project are Maria Laura Buccianti, Rolando Aryan, Leonardo Pellegrini, Romina Shutter, Virginia Montaldi, Roxana Branches, Andrea Fernandez, Mario Cordova, Julian Garci'a, Mercedes Ruiz of the Level ones, Andres Mountain range, Marcela Lopez Tailor, Luis Bushhammer, Santiago Alvarez, Jose Maria Martinelli, Mariano Gusils, Andrea Elías, Cecilia Garci'a Ruffini, Jose Luis Saporiti and Maria Perez.

“The proposal of the sample was to work from imaginary salteño. That is to say, that the invited artists produced an artistic work from the symbolic system that each perceived of our reality. The title of the sample, `Invention - Construction', part exactly of this subject trigger?, commented Mercedes Ruiz of the Level ones.

“The symbolic systems of a society are armed or they are constructed from an invention. Without doubts, that invention has like departure point and establishment the reality. Thus we can say that the identity also is something that is constructed from data verified or verifiable by science or, in some cases, not?, added.

The organizers of the sample use the word “to unmask? because - they explain “the art is, without doubts, a sensible observer of things that happen in a society, is a signaller advanced or acute of those things. The artists we worked in a constant commitment with the reality that surrounds to us, with our context?.

Deconstruir speeches is, for the artist, a vital impulse. “It is there where we spoke of invention. When a speech deconstruye changes of form and sense, it stops being to mean another thing. There we return to the title of the sample: a constant invention-construction?, added Ruiz of the Level ones.

Those that participated in this sample, 21 watched are 21 artists on imaginary salteño. “Some more critics than others - the manager needed the sample in the sense that work on prejudices or stereotypes. Some are easier to read than others, but in all there is fine cautious of the reality salteña. Sandal from the picture to the landscape, of the religion to epic history, from the ironic thing to the ingenuous thing, from which it is covered to which it is discovered?.
“To imaginary salteño, constructed from as much, the territorial thing, the social thing and from the historical thing, it corresponds representations that condense the landscape, the ethnic diversity, the devotion, music and the gastronomy, among others things?, added Esteban Drincovich.

The inauguration will count on the presentation of Fernando Subelza (Quantum, Qaqtu Lab, Ostinato), who will interpret electronic music live.

All meetings and separately

The call was open to any artistic format. Thus, some artists presented/displayed photographies, other videos, paintings, drawings, objects or facilities.

The sample is diverse and gives testimony of the freedom that causes the contemporary art.

“For the elaboration of the work, some took control of religious subjects, scenes or mineral even typical of It jumps?, commented the Level Ruizes of, the managing one of the sample.

With respect to the possible relations that can settle down enters different works, it indicated: “There are points common between some. They would be possible to be grouped in sets and subgroups. For example, there is who worked on the picture, each with its point of view, perhaps, very different among them, but somehow part of the strong connotation that has that subject?.

Despite comprising of a set, “each one of the works speak by itself and with great forcefulness?, it honored Ruiz of the Level ones.

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