Shared evening folkloric, in the scene of the Theater of the Orchard

They will sing the group the Widow, the Left ones of Cueva and Gustavo Cordova.

A spectacle to pure folklore will take place in the Theater of the Orchard (Pueyrredón 175), the 19 of June, from the 21.30.

Gustavo Cordova, the Izkierdos of the Cave and the Widow will altogether offer a show, in which they will journey by his varied repertoires.

Gustavo comes appearing in several salteños scenes (Salar de Pocitos, Gaona and the Troja, among others) and has harvested many applause in the celebration of the Bicentennial in Charata (Chaco), where it realized several you encore to order of the public. Cordova will publish its second record work next and will make specific other very important projects. In this opportunity, the singer will interpret with his imposing voice his already consecrated subjects and will generate a climate of romanticism and celebration salteña.

The Izkierdos of the Cave sang, like guests, in the presentation of the new disc of the Nocheros in Jumps. Recently they were received in Cordova, with great success, in the rock of Facundo Toro and the Northern one (of Pipo, member of the Tekis).

The Widow, trio founded and integrated by Miguel Villalba (creative and ex- singer of Bond 4, harmonizing of some disc subjects of the Nocheros), Miguel Cervetto and Carlos Gerón, made her debut in the month of March, in the Festival of Chicha 2010 in the Boiler. This time, the group will offer to the spectators a show a repertoire in which they appear subjects of the best thing of the folklore.

The night of the 19, in the Theater of the Orchard, will explode then a pure celebration to zamba, farmer, huaynos and the best rates of the song book folkloric, that will make dance the public of the province.

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