Friday and cultural Saturdays in Liberator

With the presence of local artists and other provinces in the Branch.

Tomorrow to 22 the theater work “Erase will appear once a King? of Oscar I castrate that the Threshold will interpret the group, in the central place of the city of General Liberator San Martin.

The putting in scene of the piece within the framework register of the I Theater Encounter of the Yungas, that takes place all the Fridays and Saturdays of the current month, with the participation of artists and cultural groups who from other provinces and localities occurred to appointment in the Branch jujeño.

This way, the past Saturday the spectacle was realized poetic-musical comedy in charge of Ramiro González and Maximiliano Ibáñez, in the parochial hall the Sacred church Heart of Jesus.

The recital offered by the poet and musician Ramiro González and poet Maximiliano Ibáñez, was based on the hope and the faith of the man from the religion and customs of the original towns.

Maximiliano Ibáñez recited different works, accompanied with the musical chords executed by Ramiro, that also offered his songs that made the delight of the attending public.

The La Riojan musician and the Cordovan poet were thankful for the invitation that attended Red Alvaro to him, one of the generators of this initiative, to comprise of the program that is constituted like an excellent cultural proposal for the inhabitants of the Branch.

In addition, they mentioned that for some time they come working in joint form and realizing presentations in different scenes from the country.

On the other hand, Red Alvaro remembered that during all the Fridays and Saturdays the theater moved one grew that Flame throwers take to the members of the Group ahead and that counted on the auspice of the municipality of General Liberator San Martin, by such reason it thanked for all those people who made it possible.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

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