XXII Celebration of the Pachamama and XXIII Contest of the Cheese of Goat

A new edition of these encounter will tomorrow take place from the 10 in the morning in Place 9 of Julio of the locality of Purmamarca.

The organization is in charge of the Purmamarca Association and the Popular Library Viltipoco.

In the inaugural act and after the hoisting of the National flag, the welcome words will be in charge of the president of the organizing association, Natalia Cross. The encounter will continue with songs sung to are of the boxes, in reference to the Mother Earth.

To 11 gauchas will begin the parade gaucho around the place with the participation of the groupings the Antigal and the Orejano.

The Concruso of the Cheese of Goat will soon be developed in the facilities of the Club Santa Rosa, with the participation of artisan queseras of all the province. The interested ones will be able to register until the moment of the beginning.

The jury will evaluate the flavor and the texture of the cheese made in artisan form, to give important prizes soon to the winners.

After the competition a lunch will be served to all the participant queseras, that will be brightened up by musical groups folkloric.

The ceremony to give to eat to the Pachamama will be from the 15 on the foot of the Barrow. After which one will become indicated of the cabritos and the enflorada one of the property, that will finish with the copleada one to are of boxes, erkenchos and anatas.

During afternoon it will be developed also a Carpera Rock in which one will count on the activities of the Mulato Tomás and its set, and Carpero Feeling. And finally from the 20, the Great Festival Folkloric of the encounter will take place, with the activities of Daniel Vedia, and his set, Feeling Carpero, the Youthful Orchestra of Purmamarca, the Jujeño Elías, Miguel Key, and Gladis Rodriguez “the Bolivian Calandria, to amuse itself dancing until the dawn.

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