XXIX Zonal Encuentro of the Bandoneón

A group will leave the Secretariat of Tourism to 19 to travel to Tumbaya with return once finished the festival.

Tomorrow, from the 20, Encuentro of the Bandoneón will be realized XXIX Zonal in the scene “Top Gregorio Puma? of the hall “Heriberto Vilte? (Annex of School 377 “the Future?) located to 3 kilometers National Route 9, Great Tumbaya.

In this opportunity, the evening will count on the action of Daniel Vedia, Jorge Flowers “the Bagual?, Santiaguito Aryan and its set, “Yayo? Burgos, “the Gaucho? Cativa and his carpero set, Jose Rosales, Hoober, Elías, Ismael Abalos, the Salamanqueros Genies, Dámaso Cross, Suárez Angel and bandoneonistas of the zone, among others musical.

The educational parents and of the educative institution are the ones in charge of the general organization of a festival, in which the public present will be able to enjoy an exquisite cooking supply of the zone.

This way, it will be possible to be tasted of pasties, tamales, roast of lamb with Creole Popes (cooked in mud furnace), cheese of goat, mote of bean and mote of maize of the zone.

As he is traditional in the encounter, the waited for moment more will take shape to midnight when all the participant bandoneonistas touch with the aim of promoting the education and the execution of the instrument.

The entrances will have a value of 12 pesos anticipated and they will be possible to be acquired calling to the 0388-499600, in commercial schedule.

This year the homenajeado one will be Daniel Vedia.

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