XXV Provincial Celebration of Theater

The work “In the arms of Alfredo Alcón? of Elena Bossi appears. This behind schedule to 19,30 theater lapieza “In the arms of Alfredo Alcón? in the House of the Culture of the city of San Pedro will appear. The work of the writer Elena Bossi, will be counted on the activities of Maria of the Carmen Galician Echenique and Silvia.

This activity is organized by the Jujuy Representation of the INT and the Direction of Culture of the Municipality of San Pedro, within the framework of XXV the Provincial Celebration of Theater in the Interior Jujuy 2009, denominated “the Theater of Jujuy made history. 25 years 25 cities?.

The work tries on a secret love. A promise. A route crucis. It is seductive, outlandish, inimputable. To his she will love it daughter she will hate and it; but she will not have more remedy than to do what she asks to him or to feel guilty. A history of mothers and daughters. Too painful not to ***reflx mng itself.

In Jujuy, Elsa has been having in house ashes of its mother passed away for a month. Before the death it promised to him that it would give ashes to Alfredo Alcón because loved it secretly and dreamed about acting with him in a film. However, xiste in the family a myth about that supposed secret love…

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