And now what, papa? , theater in Liberator

The piece will imagine in the hall the parish “Sacred Heart of Jesus?.

The piece “And now what, papa? of Abel Bust Sacred Heart of Jesus? of General Liberator will be represented 22 in the hall the parish tonight “San Martin, Ledesma department.
Professor Red Alvaro will put in scene this new play that will approach in its argument the diverse conflicts that can take place within a coexistence in familiar surroundings that will be let make drowsy and seduce by the routine and the daily custom.

In the artistic production she will prevail the absence of dialogs and the escape of the reality, reason why the protagonists will prefer to take refuge in a world of fantasy or the memories of a childhood in which sometimes they were happy.

The work will be carried out by Brenda actors Castle, Arming Sotelo and Ariel Farfán, whereas Silvia Go'mez is in charge of maquillajes, the technique under the responsibility of Martin Tuma and all the production will be developed with the direction of professor Red Alvaro.

Also, the ledesmense community is invited to participate in the function that will have like wire the silencios and different daily situations.

This cultural activity is organized by the youthful group of the parish “Sacred Heart of Jesus? and the cost of the entrances paid attention to 6 pesos, for the spectators interested in being present at the putting.

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