Yusa in concert from Cuba to Tilcara (VIDEO)

The singer is one of the new exponents of Cuban, modern music, without resigning to his rich tradition.

The 23 of this month the Cuban singer Yusa in concert will appear to present/display his new titled disc “Haiku? to 21 in Music Tilcara Hope (Belgrano 547).
Yusa represents the new wave of Cuban musicians, those able ones to sound to 21st century without resigning to the rich tradition of its country.

Discs of Ben Harper, fresher Blades War less weeping, Cassandra Wilson, Gemma & Pavel the disciple and, the Pedro, the Rubén Gods Most tropical their like Lenine, first the Stevie Wonder… have a style similar to Haiku, the third disc of Yusa.

Able abrir the record work with choirs by African root because Cuba has a foot in Africa, Yusa began to walk writing a luminous disc, of slow cadence but continuous rate.

The song “Walking Heads? is sung in English, since the artist publishes east work in England and has been years there touching and by France, although continues living in Havana. Listening of everything and assimilates with naturalness… a prescription that improves in direct.

Haiku is Latin music embracing others, without fear to the rubbing with the jazz or to raise a rythmical base that sounds to ferocity rock.

Its proposal makes think about Brazil, the Latin corner that better mixture its music with the Anglo-Saxon sounds and, not by chance Haiku, was mixed in Rio de Janeiro in co-production with Alé Siqueira, producer of the Tribalistas project and discs of Marisa Monte.

Yusa is the new Cuban music and its album discazo MGP with passport of international emotion.

The entrances will have a value of 20 pesos.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

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